Kingston System-Specific Memory Guarantees 100% Compatibility, Comes Different New Flavors

Kingston System-Specific Memory Guarantees 100% Compatibility, Comes Different New Flavors

Kingston has recently announced the availability of the Kingston System-Specific Memory modules designed and manufactured to the specifications of each brand name system and claims to be the best solution for laptop memory upgrade. It also comes in a nice and very attractive, rather deliciously sweet, packaging. Learn more about Kingston System-Specific Memory from the official press release below.

Kingston Branded memory_new package

Want to upgrade your laptop but don’t know where to start? Kingston, the independent world leader in memory products, today unveiled a series of brand new packaging for its best-selling system-specific memory modules designed for ACER, APPLE, ASUS, DELL, HP, LENOVO, and TOSHIBA laptops. Solely available in the APAC region, the new colorful design aims to help consumers to find the perfectly compatible memory for their laptops and to further perk up its overall performance!

Kingston System

Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to boost the speed of a laptop is simply by adding another RAM into the system. However, in the vast sea of memory modules, we couldn’t stop but wonder, what kind of memory does your system support? In what capacity and frequency do the memory best fit your laptop? All in all, how can you tell if you’re buying a compatible memory?

“Kingston system-specific memory modules are born to solve these memory compatibility problems. For those who are not really an expert on computer DIY and do not have the time to do market research, we are proud to offer an easy way out when it comes to memory selection for upgrading laptops,” said Ann Bai, DRAM Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston. “These memory modules are designed, manufactured, and tested to the specifications of each brand name system. With the unique, new packaging, consumers will be able to instantly locate the perfect match of their branded laptop and find the right memory that would complement your system.”

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Kingston system-specific memory is available in 4GB at 1333MHz in 1.5V and is also available in 4GB and 8GB at 1600MHz, in both 1.5V and 1.35V. It’s guaranteed to be compatible so you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality memory, tailored to your specific computer, and backed by 100 percent testing and legendary Kingston reliability. So what’s your flavor? Come and taste the power of 100% rich compatibility. Kingston memory modules are backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support. For more information visit