How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button [5 Ways]

Just like any electronic device, laptops also face many malfunctions, and a black screen is one of them. It is one of the worst issues where the laptop won’t boot while you try to turn on the device through the power button. So what can you do when you have something important at hand, but you can’t turn on the device? You must be wondering how to turn on a laptop without a power button.

Well, there are some verified methods that you can utilize to turn on your laptop without relying on the power button. We can assure you that these methods won’t hurt your laptop or do any damage to the hardware as they are adequately tested, and many experts use them.

Turning On Laptop Without A Power Button

Here are those methods we were talking about, and we hope they will solve your problem. All these methods are applicable to most laptops from any brand available in the market. Howe

Turning On The Laptop Using The Motherboard

Turning on the laptop using the motherboard is probably the most effective way when the laptop power button is not working. The process might seem a little complicated, but with little effort, you can get out of this trouble. To begin with, you need first to take out the power cable and then slowly unscrew the laptop’s case.

Then according to the position of the power button, you need to find its location on the motherboard. The button will be clearly visible, and you can unplug it with a bit of push. When you open it, you will find six pins underneath it which supply the power. Now you just need a screwdriver or wire and give a little nudge on the pins, and your laptop will start booting the OS.

Turning On The Laptop Using External Keyboard

Has the power button of your laptop gone kaput? You can turn on the laptop using the keyboard, but the option needs to be enabled in your BIOS. You can use it as a future-proof process and save time when your power button fails.

The process is pretty straightforward, and you have to go to the BIOS setting when your system switches on. When the laptop starts, you can press the special key that will give you access to the BIOS. Every brand has its own special key (DEL, F10, F12, etc.) for BIOS, so you should check it from the manual.

Once you enter the BIOS settings, you will come across Power Management, which is generally located as a separate option or under the Advanced option. Go to the Power Management option and enable the “Power On By Keyboard ” or “Wake On Keyboard ” facility, which will assist you in turning on the computer with the keyboard Windows 10.

It is time to go to the Save and Exit option, which will allow the laptop to make the necessary change. Your laptop will restart, and you will now turn on the laptop without the power button.

Turning On Laptop By Enabling Wake-On LAN Function

What if we tell you that you can turn on your laptop even using the Wake-On LAN function. The process is almost similar to turning on a laptop using a keyboard, and it also needs prior enabling of function.

The first step is to enter the BIOS using the special key, and you can do it during the startup option. Once the BIOS page opens, you will find the option of “Power Management” or something similar in the tab.  In some BIOS, this option might be located under the Advanced tab, so be sure to check it out. Choose the “Power On Lan” settings under the Power Management tab and make sure it is enabled. Now choose the Save and Exit option, which will allow the function to take effect.

Once the function is enabled through BIOS, now you will have to configure the Network Card, and for that, you will have to go to the “Device Manager” option from the “Start” menu. Look for “Network Adapters” and right-click on it to select “Properties.” A new pop-up window will open up, which will give “Power Management,” and from there, you need to tick the “Allow this device to wake the computer” option. Once the whole process is done, you will be able to turn on the laptop without the power button.

Turning On Laptop With Wall Socket

If your laptop is not turning and you immediately need to send some mail, then you can start the laptop using a wall socket. The process is not complicated, and there is a negligible chance of any kind of electrical damage to the laptop. Whether you own a laptop of a top brand or a new brand Acer or MI, this process is almost applicable for most brands.

In the beginning, you need to open the laptop’s case and search for the cable that hooks up the motherboard to the power button. Once you find it, you need to disconnect it and then also take out the battery. Then connect the power cable to the socket and the other end to the charging port.

You will see that your laptop will turn on and work smoothly. After that, you can disconnect the power cable and reattach the battery. However, on some laptops, you might have to set the power source “AC” to apply this process.

Turning On Laptop Using Clock Battery

Sometimes the laptop won’t turn on when you press the power button; then, you can use the Clock battery method to start up the laptop. This method is relatively straightforward, but it requires you to open the laptop. After opening the laptop, you need to disconnect both the clock battery and battery cable on the motherboard.

This process will erase any cache memory or saved settings. Then wait for a few minutes before you reattach the battery and the cable to the respected position. Now connect the charger to the wall socket, and the laptop will automatically start up the booting process.