How To Restore Acer Laptop To Factory Settings Without CD (2 Easy Ways)

No Boot CD

Acer laptops are currently all the rage in the market, and many of the users, especially millennials, are going for their laptops. However, like every other laptop from top-brand, it also acts up in the middle of an operation or gets stuck in performing simple tasks.

Factory reset is the easiest way to eliminate the issue and make the laptop perform like a new one. To perform a factory reset, you need to have the recovery CD, but not many users make a factory reset CD for future needs.

So what can be done? Well, there are some ways that will help you to solve your query of “how to restore Acer laptop to factory settings without CD.” The ways we are going to discuss in this article are pretty simple and won’t give you a hard time restoring your laptop. All the methods in this article are highly effective and won’t cause loss of data or hardware damage to your laptop.

So let’s start with the methods that will tell you how to reset Acer laptop to factory settings without a password;

Restoring Acer Laptop To Factory Settings With Alt + F10

When you first hear about the method of factory resetting an Acer laptop with the Alt + F10 process and that too without disk, it might seem inefficient. But in reality, it gets the job done efficiently without causing any damage to the hardware. However, you will have to backup all your important data before you opt for this method, as it deletes all your files. Most importantly, this restoring process won’t work if you have deleted your recovery partition. This method is applicable in both Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.

Here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. The first thing you need to do is switch off your Acer laptop by going to the power option or holding the Power Key for five seconds.
  2. Now start the laptop again by pressing the power key. Once your system starts and the Acer logo pops up on the screen, you need to press the Alt and F10 key simultaneously.
  3. Next, a “Choose an option” page will appear where you get various options. You will have to choose “Troubleshoot” from that selection.
  4. Once you click “Troubleshoot,” another page will appear where you will get the “Reset this PC” option. Click on that option and wait for the next one to appear.
  5. Another new window will come up where you will have to choose “Remove Everything.” This option not only erases all your files and applications but also erases everything to make your device look like a new one.
  6. Now, in the end, you will have to click the “Restart” option, and it will help the laptop to begin the data recovery process. The wholly restoring process to factory settings will take some time, and in between, you need to make sure the laptop has a steady power supply. Once the recovery process is over, your Acer laptop will reboot automatically. You will now access an Acer laptop that operates entirely factory settings.

Restoring Acer Laptop To Factory Settings Using Password Reset and Logging Option

This method is an advantageous method if you want to know how to factory reset Acer Aspire’s laptop Windows 8. You can utilize this method when you don’t have a CD, and you have forgotten the password to your account. It is a lengthy process, but all the steps are pretty straightforward to follow.

Part 1- Resetting Acer Laptop’s Password

In this first process, you will have to reset the password to gain access, and for that, you need to make a Window Password Reset.

  1. First, you will have to download and install the Windows Password Reset tool on your laptop.
  2. Then you need to run the tool and select the media device (preferably USB) where you will create the recovery disk.
  3. After creating the recovery storage, reboot your laptop and wait for the Acer logo to come up.
  4. When the logo shows up, you need to press the “F12” key a couple of times.
  5. Then the “Boot Menu” will appear, and you will have to select the USB drive where you loaded the password reset disk.
  6. Now the “Windows Password Reset” tool’s menu will appear, where you will have to select the OS and the user account.
  7. After selecting the account, you will now have to choose the “Reset” button and then “Reboot.” The tool will take a couple of seconds to remove all the preexisting passwords and log and will allow you to get into your locked account without needing a password.

Part 2- Factory Resetting The Acer Laptop

Once you have removed the existing password, it is time to log in to your account and then factory reset the Acer laptop. Let’s start with the process;

  1. Begin the process by logging in to your system and backup the vital files and applications into a portable hard disk or cloud storage.
  2. Click on the settings and head towards the “Update & Security” option.
  3. A new side window will appear where you have to choose the “Recovery” option from the left side.
  4. Once you choose “Recovery,” you will find a new window on the right side where you will find the “Get Started” button. Click it and then select the “Reset this PC” option.
  5. A blue window will appear, and there select the “Remove everything” feature. However, if you can’t back up your files, then you can also select the “Keep my files” option.
  6. After selecting the last option, another window will appear where you just have to click on the “Reset” button.
  7. You need to wait for a few minutes while the system factory reset everything. During the process, the laptop will restart several times, and then it will reinstall the Windows operating system. After reinstallation, you will have almost a new system to surf.