How To Reset Password On HP Laptop Without Disk

Forgetting the password of an email account is one thing, but failing to recall the password of your HP laptop is a whole different level of frustration. Not only it prevents you from accessing the laptop for daily tasks, but it also prevents you from joining any urgent meeting.

In general, many users think formatting the machine is the only way to solve the issue, but that isn’t right. We have found out some methods that will let you know how to reset password on HP laptop without disk.

The following section contains all the four methods that will guide you through some simple Hewlett-Packard password reset steps and let you access your laptop.

Using HP Recovery Manager To Reset Password of HP Laptop

Using the HP recovery manager is one of the easiest methods that will assist you in solving the query of “how to reset the password on HP laptop Windows 7 without disk”. Not only it allows you to create a new password, but it also assists you in accessing the PC without much hassle.

The only downside is that you will lose all the data stored on your laptop. It is suitable for users who don’t have any critical data on their laptop and want a fresh new package. However, you can stay assured that the OS won’t uninstall during the process, or it will hamper the performance of your laptop.

To start the process, at first, you need to disconnect all the external devices connected to your laptop. Once you have disconnected all the devices, it is time to shut down the laptop and leave it for some time. You can keep the charger cable plugged in, or you can fully charge the laptop before you begin the recovery process.

You need to start the laptop and then repeatedly press the F11 key until you get the “Choose an option” window appear. In that window, you will find the “Troubleshoot” option located at the lower end, and you will have to select it. Once you click on the Troubleshoot, another window will open where you need to click “Troubleshoot” and then hit on the “Recovery Manager.”

Now, ultimately you will come across a new window where you will get the option of “System Recovery.”Once you click it, you will get the option of “Recover without backing up your files,” and then you just have to click on the “Next” button a couple of times before the process starts. Your password will be reset, and you will be prompted to create a new password.

Using Windows Password Reset To Change Password Of HP Laptop

If you have forgotten the password of your HP laptop, then you don’t need to worry because you use the Windows Password Reset software. It is a handy software that is easy to handle and guides you on how to reset the password on hp laptop windows 10. It is an excellent tool that works smoothly on most laptops.

At first, you need to install it on a separate laptop or PC, and then using a USB or CD/DVD; you will have to make the Windows Password Reset disk. After creating the disk on USB or CD/DVD, insert it in your locked HP laptop and change the BIOS to boot the system from CD or USB. This configuration is available under the “Boot” tab so that you won’t have any problems.

Once you configured it, then reboot the laptop, and you will find the Windows Password Reset window appears. Now, you will have to select the Windows OS  you have in your system and then select the user account you were using. After choosing the account, you need to select the “Reset” button and then click on the”Reboot” tab.

In the end, a small pop-up will appear where you will be asked to restart the laptop, but before that, you need to unplug the CD/DVD or USB. After the restart, your laptop will open without requiring a password.

Using Another Admin Account To Reset Password of HP Laptop

Resetting the pass of your HP laptop using another admin account is a beneficial method. It allows you to reset the password without erasing any data. However, this method is applicable for a system with multiple accounts, and you have access to the admin user account. You can also use this method if you have access to any account that is linked under the main admin account.

To start with this method, at first, you have to open the laptop using the Admin account and head towards the “Control Panel” located under the Windows “Menu.” A new page will appear where you will find the “User Account,” and it will guide you to the “Manage Another Account” tab. Once you click on it, you will find all the accounts available on the laptop and select the account whose pass needs to reset.

You will be redirected to the Change Password window, and there you will have to enter a new password along with the hint. In the end, click “change password,” and you will be able to access the locked account.

Note: Dell laptops can have their passwords reset using the same method.

Using Factory Reset To Modify HP Laptop’s Password

If all the above methods fail, then factory reset is the only option you are left with, and it will also erase all your data on your laptop. The process is similar to the first process of the HP recovery manager.

In the first step, you should reboot the laptop and press “F11” for some time to enter the options menu. Once the menu appears, you just have to click on the “Reset this PC,” and this selection will lead you to another page. Now you will get a “choose an option” page where you will have to select “remote everything.”

In the next step, another window will appear where you will have to choose either the “remove file” or “remove the file and clean the drive” option. Once you select the appropriate option, you will find the “reset” option, and you just have to click. After a while, you will HP will be factory reset, and you can now enter a new password.