How To Project Laptop Screen To Wall Without a Projector (2 Easy Methods)

We all know a projector is the only way to project a large image on the wall. But what if I tell you that you can do that without a projector. Now you must be wondering “how can I project my laptop screen on a wall without a projector?” Well, believe it or not, there are many ways you can replicate your laptop screen on the wall without requiring an actual projector.

Read on, and I will show you how to get a movie theater experience on the cheap.

Projecting an Image With Your Smartphone

The process of projecting an image on the wall from the iPhone might seem like an impossible task, but modern technology has allowed us to make it possible. Nowadays, modern phones can do a lot of things that you might not think about, and projecting an image on the wall is one of those things. You shouldn’t believe that a smartphone comes with an inbuilt projector, but it can help to create a DIY projector that will assist you in achieving your goal.

Even though the whole process is slightly lengthy, the end result is rewarding.

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Before you begin the process, first, you need to arrange all the materials you will need. The main things you will need are magnifying glass, mirror, shoebox, and thick black paper. For assistance, you will need a scissor, ruler, pencil, glue, double-sided tape, and a soft brush.

Now let’s start with the making;

  1. Preparing The Mirror and Box- Your first job is to prepare the box with the mirror so that the glass can maximize the screen from the smartphone. Try to opt for a long shoebox so that you can maintain a proper distance between phone and phone for proper projection. The phone should adequately fit within the box, and it should maintain an optimum distance from the glass; otherwise, you won’t get a large image on the wall. While arranging or buying the mirror, you need to make sure it should be rectangular, plain, and have almost similar size as that of the smartphone.
  2. Wrapping The Interior With Black Paper- This is the next vital step in the process of making a projector where you will have to blackout the interior. Blacking out the interior initiates not an only maximum reflection but also enhances the overall image quality. At first, you need to cut the longer side of the shoebox and keep it aside. Then take the black paper and spread the glue with the help of the brush. Once you have glued it, you need to stick it to the interior part of the shoebox. You can also cover the external walls to create coherence to the overall setup.
  3. Setting Up The Lens- In this step, you need to place the lens in the front area of the box and draw an outline that you can cut out. Now use the scissor or something similar to cut out the portion and then place the magnifying glass.
  4. Creating A Focus Tool For The Smartphone- Now, you need to create a proper focus for the projection. For the focus tool, you will need another shoebox and then wrap it with black paper. Once done, you will have to put the flap in an outward way and then make necessary cuts on the top as well as the bottom. You should stick the sides of the flap with glue; otherwise, you won’t be able to focus correctly. After the outer part, you also need to apply glue to the inner flaps as it ensures a proper structure.
  5. Placing The Mirror- This step is relatively easy, and you just have to install the mirror in the DIY projector so you can project the phone screen to the wall. It would help if you lined up the lens in such a way that it is entirely perpendicular to the lens. The lens will help the mobile to showcase the screen on the wall, and while placing the phone, you should disable the auto-rotation feature.
  6. Making An Opening For The Smartphone- In this final step, first, you need to take a measurement of your smartphone’s display. Based on the measurement, you need to make an opening above the mirror located on the box. Now arrange the magnifying glass in the opening so that all of them are correctly lined up. After the arrangement, your phone will be ready to project the laptop screen’s image on the wall.

Projecting an Image With a Flashlight

Well, the process of showcasing an image with a flashlight on the wall is another convenient alternative that you can use to project your laptop’s screen. The method of setting up this whole setup is pretty easy, and you will need a Fresnel lens along with a powerful flashlight.

If you don’t find any Fresnel lens, then you can also use a magnifying lens for magnification. Then you need to switch on the flashlight and direct it towards the laptop or mobile screen. When you switch on the flashlight, the light ray from the screen gets reflected, and when you aim that ray to the lens, it gets magnified. You will have to fiddle with the position because you won’t easily get the big image on the wall.

This process to project an image on a wall with a flashlight may seem easy, but you will have to really be flexible with the position. Although the image quality will be below par, it will get the job done if your projector stops working suddenly.