How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

In general, when we face an issue with the charging port, we either try to push it several times or rotate the jack, and it works in most scenarios. What if your charger starts refusing to charge the laptop at all? Then it would be a daunting situation as you won’t be able to charge the battery or run it using the power plug.

Primarily, users will repair the power jack with the help of soldering, which is a risky process, and if anything goes, it will hinder the whole effort. But there is an alternative way that will tell you about how to fix the laptop power jack without soldering.

We know a question must be popping in your mind;

Is It  Possible To Fix The Laptop’s Broken Power Jack Without Soldering?

You will be surprised to know that you can actually repair a broken power jack without soldering, but it entirely depends upon the way the DC jack is connected to the motherboard. In many cases, a DC jack will be connected to the motherboard through a wire connector, so you won’t have a problem fixing it without soldering.

However, if the DC jack is soldered to the motherboard, then there is no other way than soldering. In this scenario, you can fix the laptop’s broken power jack to a certain extent, and beyond that, you would have to do soldering.

Before you begin

Before you begin the process of fixing the laptop, you need to check what is the main problem with the power jack. Here are some ways you can utilize to identify;

Assessing The Laptop’s Battery

The first thing you need to check is the laptop’s battery because a faulty battery often forces the user to think that the power jack has gone kaput. Take out the battery and then plug in the charger to the power socket. Switch on the main power supply, and if your laptop starts working, then the main issue is with the battery. The motherboard will get a direct power supply from the power socket and not from the battery.

Checking The Power Adapter

In some scenarios, a faulty power adapter can be the main culprit behind the faulty power transmission through the power jack. Before you begin the process of repairing a laptop’s broken power jack, you should check the AC adapter using a multimeter. To carry on the process, first, plug in the AC adapter to any power output and then use a multimeter’s needle to touch the connector of the adapter.

While connecting the needle, you should put the multimeter in DC mode and set it at 20V. Once you have connected the needle, the reading in the multimeter should match the voltage rating writer in the adapter. If it doesn’t match or shows low voltage, then there is no issue with your power jack.

Assessing The Battery Life

Another way to assess the origin of the problem is by checking battery life. You can either use third-party software or use a command prompt from your laptop. The process is pretty simple, and you just have to type powercfg energy in the command prompt. Once you press enter, the CMD will give you a window path and use the path to find the “Battery Information” section.

When you open the “Battery Information” part, you will find the Design Capacity and Last Full Charge section. Now you just have to divide the value of Design Capacity by Last Full Charge and then calculate in percentage. The result will tell you the battery life, and if you find it below 40%, then there might be an issue with your battery.

Now to fix the Power Jack without soldering

1st Method: Replace the Adapter 

The first method will help you to power jack by joining two cords. The process is slightly lengthy, and the first thing you have to do is make two holes in the barrel. Take a marker and completely detach it so that you can use it for entering the cable.

Now, take the cord of the AC adapter and cut it in such a way it is neither too long nor too short. Strip the wires properly so that the inner part is fully exposed. After that, take the cord and insert it into the tip section of the marker.

Once you are done with the Laptop’s adapter, take a generic adapter, and like the previous process, you will have to shorten the length of the cord. However, you should leave some extra wire as you might need it for emergency situations. Now strip the wire and put the cord into the barrel.

Now comes the final process, where you just have to connect the inner parts and tape them properly. It would be best if you also taped the extra wires and also seal the barrel so that there is no loose end.

2nd Method: Replace the DC power jack

Another way you can fix the power jack of your laptop without soldering is by replacing the DC power jack. Unlike the first method, it is pretty easy, and your first task is to disconnect the wire connector located in the power jack. After disconnecting the wire connector, take a small screwdriver and unscrew all the points so that you can take the connector out.

Now carefully take the jack from the motherboard and don’t put too much pressure while removing it as it can damage the circuit track. Then replace it with a new jack, and your laptop will be up and running.

3rd Method: Fix damaged connector wire or pin

 There are situations where the power jack’s pin or connector wire gets damaged, leading to a malfunction in the power transmission. So your first job is to find the damaged pin in the jack or faulty cable in the connector. You can use a multimeter to check the working of the cable or pin. After finding the damaged cable or pin, you need to use a heat shrink tube to join the wires. Lastly, again use the multimeter to check whether there is a steady voltage.