How To Charge a Laptop Without a Charger – 5 Easy Methods

Well, most of us have faced the situation where we have brought the laptop on a weekend trip or holiday but forgot to bring a charger. Not only does it make the whole effort of carrying a laptop a futile effort, but it also serves as a deadweight.

What if I tell you that now you can charge a laptop without a charger? It might sound confusing since it is a general myth that a laptop can only be charged by its charger. But there are numerous verified and legit ways to charge a laptop without a charge. Modern technology and the advancement of hardware convenience have allowed us to explore many new alternatives to charging.

Charging A Laptop Without A Charger

Charging a laptop with the help of a charger is probably the most convenient way of juicing up the battery. However, it is not always possible to use a charger as you might forget to carry it or don’t have a nearby power socket.  So if you are wondering how to charge a laptop battery without a charger, then we are confident that the following ways would provide you with an effective solution.

Charging Through Power Bank

Nowadays, it has become possible to charge your laptop through a power bank, and it doesn’t cause any damage to both devices. However, it entirely depends upon the laptop you are using as you can only charge through a USB Type C port. Moreover, you also need a power bank that supports 12V or higher power outages.

Many modern laptops come with USB-C port support, so it becomes easy for anyone to charge their laptop like they charge their phone. The process is relatively easy, and it serves as a convenient device for many devices at once. But you can’t use a standard power bank to charge your portable station because it will need a minimum of 8V to charge the battery. Most power banks available in the market only have 5V power, so you should check this fact before opting for this method.

Charging Through External Laptop Battery Charger

Apart from the power bank, you can also opt for the alternative of charging your laptop through an external laptop battery kit. However, to carry on the process, you need to buy an external battery charger for the respective laptop brand you own.

You can also opt for cheap brands or aftermarket chargers, but there is a chance they will damage the cells in your battery. However, there are some reputed brands that also offer a proper external charger as they come with a voltage regulator, and many customers were quite satisfied with their performance.

The process of charging your laptop using the kit is quite simple, and you won’t require much hardware knowledge. In the beginning, you need to take out the battery and place it in a safe place. Then connect the external battery pack connector to the nine-pin port of the battery. Once you switch on the power source, the kit will automatically start charging the battery.

Charging Through 12-Watt Smartphone Charger

If you want to know “how to charge a laptop battery with USB?” then we can say using a 12-watt smartphone charge can cater to your needs. Many modern laptops come with USB-C as their primary charging port, so it becomes easy for you to charge them using your smartphone’s charger. Nowadays, USB-C charging cables are readily available in many public places, and you can connect your laptop anywhere without any fuss.

However, it would be best if you remembered that it would take a long time to charge the device since most laptops need a minimum of a 20-watt charger. The laptop is a power-hungry device when it comes to charging, and it requires a minimum 50-watt charger to charge the device quickly. While charging your laptop using a smartphone’s charger, you should allow charging for a long time as it can lead to sudden hazards.

Charging Through An Universal Adapter

Another option that will let you charge your laptop without a proprietor charger is by using a universal adapter. They look similar to any kind of laptop charger, but they come with different connection pins so that you can charge varied types of laptops. However, the universal adapter’s voltage range should match the required voltage of your battery. You should check the specification properly; otherwise, too much voltage can fry up the internal chip or damage your battery.

Charging through the universal adapter is similar to charge your laptop using the company’s charger. You will get a lot of pin options in the adapter, so you need to put the correct pin and then connect it to the adapter. Simply plug the adapter pin into the power port of your laptop and connect the other end to any power source.

Charging The Laptop Using Car’s Battery

Now, charging your laptop using the car’s battery might seem unusual, but nowadays, you can easily do it. Most of us charge our phone through the car’s 12V jack, and it quickly charges our phone without causing a surge. However, the process is different, and you will have to use a power inverter to opt for a hassle-free charging process.

Although it is slightly an expensive and tricky process, it gets the job done, especially during urgent times. You will also have to keep the inverter in your car because it is slightly heavy, and you can’t always carry it in your backpack. You also need to ready all the kits that will help you to draw charge from the car’s battery.

Is It Safe To Charge The Laptop Using Alternative Methods?

We can say using the official charger or any alternative which is approved by the manufacturer is the safest way to charge the laptop. If you are technically sound and have a decent knowledge of regular hardware, then you can safely charge the laptop using various alternatives.

You need to maintain proper voltage and power delivery as it will ensure safe charging. However, many experts have suggested that these methods can affect the longevity of your battery, so you should use these alternatives in times of emergency.