How To Bypass Password On Toshiba Laptop. 3 Simple Methods

The advancement of operating systems and user feasibility have changed the laptop experience drastically. There was a time when users had to take their Toshiba laptop to service in case they had forgotten the password of their laptop. Not only was it a time-consuming affair, but it used to incur a lot of paperwork hassle.

But nowadays, you have some effective DIY solutions to how to bypass passwords on Toshiba laptops. In this guide, we will discuss methods that incorporate Window’s own solution and also methods utilizing third-party software.

So without further ado, let’s start with the methods on how to get into Toshiba laptop without a password;

Bypass Password On Toshiba Laptop Using Command Prompt In Safe Mode

Using a command prompt process in a safe method is probably one of the most convenient solutions. Safe mode in Windows helps you to quickly get into the core of the system and assist you in resetting the password in case you have forgotten it. The following steps will guide you to gain access to the main account;

Step 1- Open your locked Toshiba laptop and when the log-in screen appears, try to enter the last password you can possibly imagine. If it doesn’t work, then hold the “Shift” key on your keyboard and, using the mouse choose the “Restart” option located under the “Power” button. This function will help you to get into the recovery page.

Step 2- Now, on the “Choose an option” page, you must select the “Troubleshoot” button.

Step 3- Once you click the “Troubleshoot” option, you will be redirected to a new page where you will get three options. There you will find the “advanced option” in the end, and you have to click it.

Step 4- Under the “advanced option,” you will find five new options, and there you need to select “startup settings.” This option will help you to gain access to the Safe mode of your laptop. Once you click “Startup settings,” another page will appear, and there you will have to click on the “Restart” button.

Step 5- After your laptop will reboot, you will be given various options on the “Startup settings” page. You just have to press the “F6” key since you need to enter into Safe Mode.

Step 6- The laptop will restart again, and instead of the log-in screen, it will open command prompt windows. Now, type “Explorer.exe” and press enter. Another command line will come where you must write “net user OSstuff 123” and hit enter.

The system will automatically delete the log-in password and will show “the command completed successfully.” Just press the Del key while holding the Alt and Ctrl key, and the system will restart. Now you have efficiently solved the issue of how to reset the password on the Toshiba laptop without disk.

Bypass Password On Toshiba Laptop Using Offline NT Password And Registry Editor

The method to Toshiba password reset using Offline NT Password and Registry Editor might seem complicated, but if you follow the steps, it will get simpler for you. It is a highly effective tool that vanishes all the log-in passwords and paves the path for a new password.

Step 1- The first thing you need to do is download the software, and while downloading, you can either opt for the USB or Bootable CD option.

Step 2- After download, unzip the zipped file and then copy the rest of the file to your USB disk. However, if you are using the CD option, then you need to burn the file to the CD/DVD disc. Once you complete the task, now enter the USB or CD to the locked Toshiba laptop.

Step 3- In this step, now start the locked laptop and press the boot key until the boot menu appears. In the “Boot” menu, choose the USB or CD as the primary boot option. After selecting the appropriate option, press the “save and exit” option.

Step 4- Your laptop will restart automatically, and you will be greeted with a new window where you will have to select the disk where Windows is installed. Press “1,” and it will choose the default partition of your Windows OS. Then press “Enter” to execute the command.

Step 5- Another command page will appear where you will select the path to your laptop’s registry. The default path works most of the time, so you just need to press “Enter.” Then you will get another option where you have to choose password reset.

Now, your task will be to choose the “edit the user password” option. Then another path will appear, where you can leave the password section blank or type a new password.

Step 6- Lastly, just type the “!” letter and then type “Y” to execute the change. Now reboot the system, and you will see that you can log in to your system.

Bypass Password On Toshiba Laptop Using Windows Password Reset Tool

You can use the Windows Password Reset tool if you have forgotten the password on your Toshiba laptop. Let’s take a look at the process;

Step 1- First, you need to download the tool on another PC or laptop and create a Windows password reset disk in the USB or CD.

Step 2- Insert the disk in the locked Toshiba laptop, and then you need to restart the system. While the system restarts, press “F12” to choose the USB or CD as a boot drive.

Step 3- Now, the WIndow Password Reset software interface will appear, and there, you will have to select the target Windows OS. Then choose the locked user account whose password you need to bypass. Then select “Reset” to reset the password and then click “Reboot” to execute the operation.

Step 4- A new pop-up will appear where the tool will ask your permission to restart the Toshiba laptop. Click on “Yes” and then remove the USB or CD drive. You will be able to log in to your account without requiring any password.