Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To One Laptop (6 Solutions!)

You might think that it is almost impossible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to one device. Older generation devices could connect only one device at a time, and there was no way to connect multiple Bluetooth devices except utilizing specialized devices.

But technology has come a long way, and nowadays, there are many applications, especially in smartphones, where it lets you pair multiple speakers at a time. Having the option of playing music through multiple speakers has many perks, and they come really handy when you are in a big place or have a large crowd.

Today we will discuss some vital ways that will help you to connect numerous Bluetooth speakers at once to one device.

AmpMe Application

All thanks to advanced Bluetooth technology and the availability of applications, now you won’t have to hire a Bluetooth speaker to maintain the groove of your house party. Applications like AmpMe now allow you to connect to multiple speakers at once and play the same music from a smartphone.

This is a simple app where you can choose numerous music platforms like YouTube or Spotify to stream music to all the speakers. Besides, you can also utilize your music library to play music through the app.

The application is available on the PlayStore, and before you play any account, you need to make an account through your Google account.  The whole process of establishing the connection is pretty straightforward, where first you need to open the app and click on the “+” symbol located at the bottom.

Then choose the music source from where you want to play the music and then tap on the “Connect” button. Basically, your smartphone becomes the host, and all the speakers become the receiver.

Ultimate Ears Speakers

Unlike the first way where you can utilize an application, Ultimate Ear is a Bluetooth speaker through which you can connect to other wireless speakers. Basically, the manufacturer synchronized their speakers to an app that can stream the music to multiple Bluetooth units.

The primary Ultimate Ears speaker like HyperBoom, Boom 2, or MegaBoom becomes the host, and it streams the music to other units through the app. All the speakers from this brand come with a unique  PartyUp feature that serves as the same medium to connect other Bluetooth speakers.

Many commend this brand for their simplified ways to sync multiple Bluetooth speakers of their brand. Whether you use Boom or MegaBoom, you first need to press the Bluetooth button for some seconds until it pops out a pairing signal. Before you start the process, make sure the charge of the battery is high.

Once you hear the pairing signal, open your smartphone and switch on the Bluetooth. When the name of UE speakers comes up, you just have to tap on the name. The speaker will automatically get connected to the smartphone.

Now to hook your unit to another UE speaker, you need to press the Bluetooth button and Volume Up button at the same time. After that, press the Bluetooth button twice on the other speaker you want to connect to the main one.

When you press the button twice, both speakers will get connected within a few seconds. However, if you wish to avoid this process, then you can use the UE Boom app to pair many speakers. The way to connect to the app is pretty simple, and the job gets done with a few taps.

Utilizing Smart Devices (Amazon Echo And Google Home)

Another convenient way to pair two Bluetooth speakers is by utilizing Google Home and Amazon Echo. These are smart devices with inbuilt Bluetooth features, and they hold the capability to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers.  Since both of them are different, they have a separate connecting process.

Using Amazon Echo

To use the Amazon Echo with a Bluetooth speaker, first, you need to check the compatible unit that works with Echo. Then if it is compatible, switch on the Echo along with your Echo Dot or Show. Command “got to settings,” and Alexa will pop up the settings options.

Then select “Bluetooth,” and all the available Bluetooth speakers will come up. Choose the speaker, and Alexa will announce that you have connected to the speaker. In case you don’t have a dot, then you can use the Alexa app from your smartphone.

Using Google Home

Google Home offers numerous connectivity options, and it is compatible with other Google Home units and numerous other speakers. You can hook many Google Home at a time, but you can only connect one Bluetooth unit in one instance. The whole connection process will take only a few seconds.

First, you need to go to the Google Home application and press the Device icon. Then choose the Home speaker you want to connect with. After that, head to the “Default music speaker” under the “Settings” section and select the third-party Bluetooth speaker you want to pair.

JBL Speakers

Well, most music enthusiasts love to enjoy music through JBL as they offer terrific sound quality, affordability, and trendy features. If you are using a JBL speaker, you can connect up to 100 speakers using the Bluetooth connection. You heard it right. Just go through the following process, and you can create a multi-speaker setup for your party.


Step1- First, line up the JBL speakers you want to pair.

Step2- Switch on the speakers and wait for the light signal or display. Then switch on the Bluetooth pairing option by holding down the Bluetooth button.

Step3- Now, open the smartphone and go to settings.  Switch on the Bluetooth and look for the available speakers for pairing.

Step 4-Lastly select the column you want to connect and pair them up. It will take a few minutes to create a dual Bluetooth connection and hook all the speakers in pairs.

Note: If you have wired JBL speakers, then we have a guide on converting wired speakers to wireless.