TOP 7+ Best Laptops with Backlit Keyboard – Glowing Light Up!

If your job involves working till late at night, you can’t miss having a laptop with a backlit keyboard. The backlit isn’t just a fancy feature, but it’s perfect to work during dark hours. 


Every key on the keyboard illuminates, thus saving you from the hassles of tapping the wrong keys.

But the problem is every other laptop nowadays has a backlit keyboard. But you should go for one that has a robust backlit with strong illumination. 

Some folks even love RGB backlit that’s customizable and makes gaming more fun. After hours of research, I managed to shortlist the top seven laptops with backlit keyboards.

Whether you are a writer, a gaming enthusiast, or a live streamer, these are the best laptops with the backlit keyboard you can buy.

Top 5 Best Laptops with Backlit Keyboard





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Acer Aspire 5

Best For Typing

81g7AiqWrtL. AC SL1500

Acer Predator 300

Best Overall

71pC69I3lzL. AC SL1500

Apple MacBook Pro

Best mac

71I3easuObL. AC SL1500

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Best TouchScreen

91MXLpouhoL. AC SL1500

Dell XPS 13

Best For Professionals

7 Best Laptops with Backlit Keyboard in 2021

1.Acer Aspire 5Best For Typing

71tcie9iKyL. AC SL1422

If you are looking for an affordable laptop with decent specs, your search ends here at Acer Aspire 5. Perfect for typing, the laptop has a conventional keyboard with backlit support. The keyboard features a white backlit that makes the keys visible during dark hours.

Furthermore, you can adjust the brightness level by tapping the backlit key two times. Designed to offer convenience while typing, the laptop has a bigger palm rest. Moreover, the touchpad is big. However, it lacks feedback sometimes.

Equipped with AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Processor, the laptop can handle Microsoft Office and other such apps with ease. But you cannot use it to run other demanding tasks unlike these best laptop under 600.

Furthermore, it has a 512GB SSD for added performance, and the 16GB RAM averts any lags.

71a%2BmJGgaSL. AC SL1500

Coming to the screen, it’s a 15.6 inch full HD screen with an anti-glare backlit. The laptop features multiple connectivity ports for quick data transfer and for connecting it with printers and projectors.

I prefer Acer Aspire 5 for basic typing tasks. However, the laptop isn’t a great choice for CPU-intensive tasks, including gaming like these best gaming laptop under 500

The sleek profile makes it a favorite among folks that require commuting with the laptop daily. The laptop even houses an AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics unit for improved visuals. 

Hardware Specifications
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3 3200U Processor
Storage512GB NVMe SSD
GraphicsAMD Radeon Vega 3
Display15.6 inch Full HD
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
  • Amazing battery life, it lasts around 6 hours 48 minutes on one charge
  • Anti-glare screen for reduced eye fatigue
  • It runs cool, thanks to the advanced thermal cooling fans
  • The key travel is huge and can be a problem while typing vigorously
  • Not a performance-oriented machine

Bottom Line

The big and smooth keys make Acer Aspire 5 a good laptop with a backlit keyboard. Whether you are just starting your career as a writer or need a laptop to complete your assignments, Aspire 5 is a good pick for the buck.

2. Acer Predator Helios 300Best Overall

81g7AiqWrtL. AC SL1500

If you want every key to appear distinctive, Acer Predator Helios 300 is a catch. Helios 300 is undoubtedly an expensive laptop but if you need performance you should go for it. With its powerful specifications, the laptop can handle anything, including heavy games, 3D modeling apps, and more.

Under the keyboard, there’s a 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor capable of going up to 5.0 GHz. The overclockable processor shares its load with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, so forget about any lags and glitches just like the best laptop for stock trading.

Talking about the keyboard, it’s an island-style keyboard with RGB backlit. You can customize the backlit as per your preference, and every set of keys looks different, which helps gamers improve their skills.

Acer calls it the multi-zone keyboard due to the 4-zone backlit option. You’ll find a TURBO key on the keyboard that activates the overclocking and helps to unleash the performance of the machine. However, I didn’t find the TURBO key that effective as Acer claims it to be.

81%2BIjCDZU4L. AC SL1500

You get complete control over the backlit, from adjusting the brightness and turning the backlit off, you can do everything with a click. Acer has used the new 4th gen Aeroblade 3D fan for effective cooling, so the laptop doesn’t get hot even after extensive usage.

Another impressive trait is the 15.6 inch screen with a 144hz refresh rate. Furthermore, you’ll find several ports on the laptop for versatile connectivity and quicker data transfer.

The keys are smooth, and your fingers don’t slip over them, so gaming and typing will be more fun. Lastly, the machine has 512 GB SSD and 16GB RAM, and that’s a bit disappointing at this price point. You can check out some of our other suggestions.

However, you won’t feel like using a laptop with less RAM, all thanks to the superfast processor. 

Hardware Specifications
ProcessorIntel i7-10750H
Storage512GB SSD
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB
Display15.6 inch
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
  • The multi-zone backlit keyboard makes it easier to work during darker hours
  • Amazing performance without any lags
  • Efficient cooling fans keep the laptop cool
  • You won’t run shorn on connectivity ports
  • The cooling fans are noisy sometimes
  • The Thunderbolt 3 port is absent

Bottom Line

Acer Predator Helios 300 is the best laptop with a backlit for gamers. You can even use this laptop for other extensive tasks, all thanks to the impressive performance. I must say the audio quality is stunning, and you’ll certainly love the sound of gunshots while gaming with these laptops with backlit keyboards.

3. Apple MacBook ProBest mac with Backlit Keyboard

71pC69I3lzL. AC SL1500

So, you love using Mac OS and are looking to upgrade to a machine with more power and a backlit keyboard? Well, here’s the New Apple MacBook Pro with a sleek appeal and humongous performance. 

An outstanding choice for people looking for a comfortable keyboard, this laptop is suitable for typing for long hours. Apple has used its Magic Keyboard in this laptop that uses a scissor mechanism for reduced key travel.

Activating the backlit is easy, and you can do it using the Touch Bar. But if you are new to TouchBar it can be pretty confusing. 

Furthermore, the Touch Bar helps you adjust the brightness level, so you can see every key clearly during the dark. This laptop would’ve been my favorite if there was a RGB backlit keyboard.

In terms of performance, the MacBook Pro can leave all other laptops in the dust. Apple has packed it with a Ninth-generation 6-Core Intel Core i7 Processor and 16GB RAM. 

Furthermore, the ultrafast SSD adds a lot to the performance, making the MacBook Pro perfect for CPU-intensive tasks.

81aot0jAfFL. AC SL1500

After the backlit keyboard, another highlight of the laptop is the screen. It’s a 15.6 inch retina display that rewards you with an immersive experience. The display even supports TrueTone technology reducing strain on the eyes.

The brightness level is up to 500 nits, making the MacBook Pro ideal for folks that love working at night. I loved the 6-speaker setup that features a force-canceling woofer.  

Lastly, the Touch Bar lets you arrange the shortcuts that you can access with a click. The laptop even features a Touch ID for a sense of security.

Hardware Specifications
Processor2.6GHz Intel Core i7
Storage512 GB SSD
Graphics CardNA
Display15.6 inch
Operating SystemmacOS
  • The keyboard is comfortable for typing for long hours
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports for lightning-fast data transfer
  • On a single charge, the battery lasts up to 11 hours
  • A dedicated GPU unit makes it suitable for gamers
  • Apple MacBook Pro requires a huge investment
  • The backlit isn’t customizable

Bottom Line

With this upgraded Apple laptop, you can do almost anything. Furthermore, the Magic Keyboard makes it a favorite among content writers, music producers, and gamers. 

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 7Best Touchscreen laptop with backlit

71I3easuObL. AC SL1500

Whether you are a 3D model creator or graphic designer, you can’t get over Microsoft Surface Pro 7, as it’s a preferred choice by folks in this niche. The laptop cum tablet comes with a 12.3″ touch screen with superb response. 

Microsoft ships the laptop with a digital pen that makes your life easier. Furthermore, the sleek keyboard fitted into the case features a backlit, so working during dark hours will be a breeze.

Packed with Intel Core i7 10th Gen processor, the laptop offers excellent performance. The 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD contribute a lot to the performance and make Surface Pro 7 capable of handling just any task, including Android Studio.

The keyboard looks small but working with it is comfortable. However, the fingers slip sometimes hitting the wrong keys. 

You can turn the backlit on by clicking the “Half Sun” icon, and all the keys start glowing. The only  thing that i didn’t like was the unavailability of customizable backlit. 

The backlit isn’t very strong, yet all the keys are clearly visible even in a dark room. You can snap off the case anytime to Surface Pro 7 as a tablet. On a full charge, the battery lasts up to 10 hours, which is pretty amazing.

You won’t find a lot of connectivity ports, but thankfully Microsoft has used a Type C port for fast data transfers. An exclusive feature you will only find in Surface Pro 7 is the rear camera.

71kBlSKi3eL. AC SL1500

You can quickly take stunning pictures and edit them using a digital pen. Overall, I liked the sleek design that makes Surface Pro 7 a portable option. Just slide it into your backpack, and take the powerful machine wherever you go.

Hardware Specifications
Processor10th Gen Intel Core i7
Storage1TB SSD storage
Graphics CardNA
Display12.3″ Touch-Screen
O.S.Windows 10
  • Smooth performance with no lags
  • 1TB SSD offers a lot of storage space
  • Supports fast charging, up to 80% in one hour
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight (1.70 lbs)
  • Lack of connectivity ports, no Thunderbolt 3 either
  • The keyboard misses a numeric pad

Bottom Line

If your usage involves more of the screen and less of the keyboard, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 makes a phenomenal choice. The screen is fab and offers a fantastic touch response. The best thing is the detachable keyboard, just snap it off and enjoy using your tablet with ultimate convenience.

5. Dell XPS 13Best Laptop For Professionals

91MXLpouhoL. AC SL1500

Here’s another fantastic laptop with a backlit keyboard that makes typing easier. Dell XPS 13 has always been a popular choice among professionals, all thanks to its performance. Comes installed with an Intel Core i7-1185G7 11th Gen processor, the laptop can handle any task pretty easily.

To make it even better, Dell has packed 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 512 GB SSD. Furthermore, Dell offers Intel Iris Xe Graphics that works good, but I expected a dedicated GPU unit at this price.

The laptop has a 13.4” touchscreen that’s compact but offers excellent response. Dell has used InfinityEdge technology, so you can work for hours without any distractions.

When it comes to the keyboard, Dell XPS 13 features an island-style keyboard with a backlit. You can turn on/off the backlit quickly by clicking on the dedicated Fn button. 

Furthermore, the laptop lets you adjust the backlit brightness, and the keys become even visible during dark hours. You’ll find a fingerprint reader on the keyboard to unlock the laptop with a click.

I loved the durable aluminum body that feels great and makes the laptop look premium. On a single charge, Dell XPS 13 offers a runtime of up to 12 hours, so it’s a great machine for folks that are always on the move.

There aren’t a lot of connectivity ports, but the laptop features a Thunderbolt 3 port for ultrafast data transfer. In a nutshell, Dell XPS 13 is a laptop you can use for working comfortably for hours.

The bigger palm rest lets you glide your fingers over the touchpad while typing precisely with comfort.

Hardware Specifications
ProcessorIntel Core i7-1185G7
Storage512 GB SSD
Graphics CardIris Xe Graphics
Display13.4- inch FHD+ Touch
Operating SystemWin 10 Pro
  • Bigger battery life
  • The touchscreen’s response is good
  • Less key travel makes it ideal for fast typing
  • Overclockable processor for better performance
  • It misses a Numpad
  • The backlit automatically switches off sometimes

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a compact machine with superb performance, go for Dell XPS 13. The keys travel less so typing is fun and comfortable.

6. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15Best Gaming Laptop with Backlit

81ef5sbZznL. AC SL1500

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 should be your choice if you are looking for a 15.6. inch gaming laptop. Loaded with advanced specifications, the laptop houses an AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS processor to offer unrivaled performance. 

The availability of 16 GB DDR4 RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q 6GB elevates performance, so forget what lags are. Furthermore, ASUS has used ROG Boost technology to take the work to another level.

You’ll enjoy playing games, thanks to the bigger keyboard with properly spaced keys. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 features a backlit precision gaming keyboard, and every single key illuminates during the dark.

But it misses RGB backlit, which was a turn off for me. Tuned with overstroke technology, the keyboard doesn’t have sticky key issues and is durable enough to withstand the fingers of tough gamers. 

The laptop is even good for typing, but you may miss the numpad for doing calculations. I just loved the 15.6 inch screen, with sleek bezels for maximum immersion. Furthermore, the display uses Pantone Technology to improve the colors and visuals displayed on the screen.

However, the display hasn’t impressed me to the core and there are some other cheap laptops out there with better screens.

Gamers prefer this laptop due to the intelligent cooling that keeps the heat at bay. The smart cooling fans reduce the dust intake, and thus you don’t have to clean the laptop every day.

81v4FWtMwEL. AC SL1500

Usually, 15.6. inch gaming laptops don’t offer good battery backup, but ROG Zephyrus G15 defies that and offers a runtime of up to 8 hours on a single charge. 

ASUS has ensured that the users get uninterrupted connectivity, so you’ll find a suite of ports, including Kensington Lock and USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A.

With its muscular looks, ROG Zephyrus G15 is a high-end gaming machine you can buy like an intel core i5 machine. Lastly, the ASUS has improved the audio quality, and the laptop comes with high-res speakers to reward you with an enjoyable gaming experience.

Hardware Specifications
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 9 4900HS
Storage1TG SSD storage
GraphicsGeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q
Display15.6” 240Hz
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
  • The cooling fans aren’t that noisy.
  • Bigger palm rest for more comfort while gaming and typing
  • Highly durable keyboard with less key travel
  • The speakers amp up the audio quality
  • ASUS has removed the webcam from this model
  • There’s a scope of better vibrance in the display

Bottom Line

Gaming can be more fun with ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 Ultra. The keyboard is just amazing, and the tactile feedback from the keys deserves appreciation. However, the laptop doesn’t have RGB lighting, but you can adjust the brightness of the white backlit keyboards with a click.

7. HP Envy 17Best Laptop For Students

81OgDWttmRL. AC SL1500

If you are a student and spend most of your time in front of the screen, you need HP Envy 17. It’s a 17.3” laptop with a bigger screen for more fun. From attending online classes to completing assignments, you can do everything comfortably with this machine on your desk.

Powered with an Core i7-1165G7 processor, the ddr4 laptop is capable of handling CPU-intensive tasks without hesitations. You may feel the 128GB SSD pretty low, as laptops with backlit keyboards of this budget have at least 512gb SSD.

Worried about storage? Well, the laptop comes with a 1TB HDD that offers ample space to store your files and assignments. With a big laptop comes a big keyboard, so typing will be even comfortable and fun if you aren’t habitual typing on a compact 13” laptop.

HP Envy 17 features a massive keyboard with backlit keyboards and numpad. You can type for hours without feeling any hand fatigue, as the smooth palm rest is there to make things easier.

The touchscreen doesn’t respond sometimes, but you won’t hardly notice this issue. Furthermore, the big screen lets you open multiple windows simultaneously to work with ease.

Talking about the connectivity ports, you get almost everything you need to transfer data and connect to several peripherals with the laptop. 

71h%2ByD7iLEL. AC SL1500

HP has ensured added safety, as the laptop comes with a fingerprint reader. Also, the laptop features a webcam kill switch, protecting you from virtual threats. Apart from excellent comfort while typing, you get uninterrupted entertainment with the Bang and Olufsen speakers. 

The audio is loud yet free from distortions, so you can listen to songs or watch movies on the laptop to add entertainment to your life. 

HP claims that the Envy 17 battery lasts up to 8 hours, and you can even use it while commuting. The only challenge you may face is handling the laptop. Yes, it’s sleek, but the massive body makes it a bit challenging to carry on the go.

Hardware Specifications
ProcessorCore i7-1165G7
RAM12GB Dual-Channel DDR4
Hard Disk1TB NVMe SSD storage
Display17.3 inch
O.S.Win 10 Home
  • The display clarity is mind-blowing
  • Faster processor for smooth performance
  • The camera kill switch turns off the webcam right away
  • Undeniably the laptop looks beautiful
  • It feels bulky, as it’s a big machine
  • I found the humming sound from the cooling fan disturbing

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a laptop with a bigger screen and backlit keyboard, HP Envy 17 is a perfect choice. From amazing battery life to a powerful processor, the laptop has got everything you need. It even features a touchscreen, so you can accomplish several tasks just with a click.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Laptop with Backlit Keyboard 

When buying the best laptop with backlit keyboard, it’s essential to know about the backlit and the keyboard’s performance to decide the right option. 

Here’s what you should look for in a laptop with backlit keyboard.



It would be great for a laptop that lets you adjust the brightness level. Not every hour is dark, so you can reduce the brightness level to avert quick battery draining. Furthermore, look for a laptop with a key to turn the backlit keyboards off when not required.

Customizable Lighting 

Gaming laptops from brands like ASUS and MSI feature programmable backlit that rewards you with full control over the backlit. You can even select a different color for every set of keys that’s helpful for precise laptops typing. 

Key Layout 

When looking for a laptop, don’t just focus on the backlit, considering the key layout is also essential. Laptops come with two types of keys:

  • Conventional 
  • Island style

The conventional keys are what you see in a regular laptop. All keys are connected together with minimal space. These keys are common in compact laptops due to space crunch.

On the other hand, island-style keys have good space between the keys. I prefer these keyboards for typing tasks.


Size of the Keyboard 

The size of the keyboard depends on the size of the laptop. Laptops smaller than 14-inch have compact backlit keyboard with no numeric pads. If your job involves calculations and entering numbers, consider at least 15.6” screen size as these backlit keyboard laptops feature a numeric pad on the keyboard. 

Types of Backlit Keyboard

There are two types of backlit keyboards available, including:

  • Mono color backlit keyboards
  • RGB backlit keyboards 

Mono color backlit keyboards feature a single-colored light only, which is usually white light. On the other hand, laptops with an RGB backlit keyboard laptop support multiple colors, and you can adjust the color tone as per your laptops preference.


After all, the performance of the backlit keyboard laptop depends on the processor, so you can’t overlook it when buying one. Choose a laptops processor depending on the tasks you are buying a laptop for. The minimum processor requirements are 10th Gen Intel Core i3, whereas the 10th Gen Core i7 works well for CPU-intensive tasks.


Go for a laptop with good RAM support to have a smooth experience with it. Nowadays, laptops with backlit keyboards feature 16 GB RAM, but some budget-oriented machines come with 8 GB RAM support.

Other Factors 

Some other factors to consider are GPU and battery life. You can even settle down with a machine with an integrated GPU if you need it for writing purposes. Ensure that the battery lasts longer, so you don’t have to stick to the charging socket the entire day.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Laptops with Backlit Keyboard 

Q: Do all laptops have a backlit keyboard?

A: Nowadays, most mainstream laptops come with a backlit keyboard as a standard feature. However, there are still tons of models with a regular keyboard that misses a backlit keyboard. All the backlit keyboard laptops reviewed in this article have a backlit keyboard laptop, so you can pick any suiting your laptops requirements.

Q: Is a backlit keyboard necessary?

A: Yes, a backlit keyboard is necessary, especially if you are looking to work during dark hours. The backlit makes the keys visible so you can tap on the required keys precisely in laptops. 

Q: How to turn on the backlit keyboard?

A: Turning on the backlit depends on the laptop you are going for. Some have a backlit button in the function keys, whereas some require CTRL+ shortcuts to turn the backlit on. 

Q: Is it possible to install a backlit keyboard on a laptop?

A: No, it isn’t possible to install a backlit keyboard laptop/PC. The best idea is to buy a laptop with a built-in backlit keyboard. Just skim through the laptops reviews, and choose the laptop you like.

Q: Does the backlit reduce the battery life?

A: The impact of the backlit on the battery life of laptops is minimal, and there won’t be any significant difference. However, it would be great to turn the backlit off when during the day or when the entire keyboard is visible.

Final Thoughts 

This post wraps up the best laptops with the backlit keyboard you can choose from to work/play comfortably in an ill-lit room. Just go through the reviews, check out the comparison table, and have a look at the buying guide to put your money in the right product.

If you ask me for a suggestion for backlit keyboard laptop, I suggest Acer Predator Helios 300. It’s a superb gaming laptop with a powerful punch of performance to handle any task pretty easily.

Got a tight budget for laptops? Consider Acer Aspire 5. The laptop with backlit keyboard has a bigger keyboard with a robust backlit keyboard that makes typing precise and fun.