6 Best Laptops for Online Classes in 2020 Ultimate Guide


It is challenging to go through college without a decent laptop, especially in this digital era. Most people think that any PC that has an active internet connection is suitable for an online school. Are you looking to buy a laptop for your classes but aren’t sure where to start? Worry not because you’re in the right place.

What are the factors that make a laptop be among the best laptops for online schooling? To help you have a flawless shopping experience, we have listed some of the best laptops for online college classes and a buyer’s guide. Here, you will know what makes a laptop the “best.” Take a look!

Best Laptop for Online Classes Quick Guide




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Google Pixelbook Go M3 Chromebook

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Apple MacBook Air (Latest Model)

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Dell Inspiron 13 7000

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Asus Chromebook Flip

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Acer Swift 3

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HP Chromebook

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1. Google Pixelbook Go M3 Chromebook Just Black

71AwVobWTtL. AC SL1500

Your dream of owning a premium Google Pixelbook can finally come to pass, thanks to the emergence of Google Pixelbook Go M3 Chromebook. This device boasts an incredible battery of around 12 hours. It only takes 2.5 hours to charge it, and after the charge, you can carry out all your schoolwork without the fear of having a flat battery. 

The Chromebook comes with an impressive 1080p webcam and a lovely keyboard. These are some of the features that you will never see on similar budget friendly laptops. If you are fond of visiting friends to help you with your assignments, you don’t have to worry about this PC’s weight as it is made to move. It weighs less than 2 pounds making it lightweight and easy to carry. 

The machine has an easy-to-learn interface. Its processor is responsive, and the Operating System never slows down, helping you to complete your online and offline work without things getting off the track. Additionally, the PC comes with built-in antivirus software that keeps your data and personal information safe.

The Chromebook has been built for comfort, thanks to the hush keys and backlit keyboard. The touchpad is very accurate and well-spaced, so you will only need a light touch to type your work. You can always use the laptop on your lap as it is designed with a fan that ensures the machine does not overheat similar to these best pentesting laptops in 2021.

 If you are looking for the best laptops for online school with elegant sound quality, this one is ready to entertain. It has dual stereo speakers that give a fantastic sound when your lecturer speaks, and the 13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen display complements every other feature.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Lovely ‘Hush’ keyboard
  • Does not have a biometric login

2. Apple MacBook Air 2020 – Space Gray (Latest Model)

71k3fJh5EwL. AC SL1500

This MacBook swaggers onto the 2020’s market with new specifications. These include a higher storage capacity of 8 GB and 2 USB-C ports, making it very distinct from MacBook Air 2019. The Macbook happens to be Apple’s lightest and thinnest laptop so far. 

The main reason why college students such as those doing computer science majors should not miss this one is that it has a decent performance. The stereo speakers of the laptop have more powerful stereo sound quality over the predecessors, and you can consider investing in it. There are many new functionalities that the MacOS will roll out this year. 

First and foremost is the elegant 13.3-inch Retina display that comes with True Tone Technology. Second is the Touch ID and backlit magic keyboard that is made to deliver a more vibrant experience. 

Without increasing the price or compromising the functionality, the Intel Iris Plus Graphics of the PC makes it even more famous. You will receive clearer images during your online class.

Finally, is the SSD storage that is large enough to store all your important folders.

  • Affordable price of entry
  • Improved keyboard
  • Features new 10th generation processors
  • The battery life is just “okay”
  • Screen color is dull

3. Dell Inspiron 13 7000 and Backlit Keyboard

716pV1CaF9L. AC SL1500

The Dell company understands that college students love premium-looking laptops. Therefore, the company gives students a good looking designer laptop, the Dell Inspiron 137000 2-in-1 laptop. This machine is a versatile PC that offers a lot more than you can handle.  

It comes with high-end internals, an intelligent stylus slot, and a 4K display that gives it a competitive advantage. No compromise is made on the speakers, for they are impressive and the best for any online student. 

The laptop has a high-quality display that drains its battery. Even though the battery is only 5.5 hours, it allows both browsing and offline works with only a single charge. For higher battery, you can keep the power settings low and leave the display at a 50% brightness. 

Dell Inspiron qualifies to be in the category of the thin-and-light laptop but not the lightest or thinnest. It weighs 1.39 kg, therefore lightweight and easily portable; it will fit well on your backpack without weighing you down just like these awesome 600$ laptops which you can check out here.  

This versatile device will be your reliable partner for classwork and assignments. You can use the stylus to take notes, multitask with the machine, and still enjoy the display’s sharp content during your online class.

Additionally, this machine can be held in several positions. These include folding it open like a tablet, making it sit upright like an ordinary laptop, or flipping it into a tent position. The pen is always ready for all these orientations.

  • Excellent performance reviews
  • Versatile
  • Premium look and design
  • The 4K drains the battery
  • Bunk speakers

4. Asus Chromebook Flip Touchscreen Laptop

61zvGbZpt5L. AC SL1200

Asus Chromebook Flip is an affordable and ideal everyday task PC suitable for any college student. It comes with unique build quality and excellent design. The machine has incredible hardware specifications, making it ranked among the best Chromebooks in 2020. 

Just from its name, this Chromebook neatly folds up to a metal slab and allows you to use it in this orientation. It is beautifully made thanks to its brushed texture and clean design.  The PC weighs only 2.6 pounds, making it among the lightest Chromebooks around. With this weight, you can use it as a tablet just like some of these best laptops 2021 under 600

The keyboard is comfortable and requires only a light press. The keys satisfy a 1.4 mm key travel space while the trackpad ensures that you have accurate tracking. 

Other features include the 10.1-inch LED-lit Screen and a powerful processor. We will not forget to mention the 4 GB RAM and a user-friendly Operating System. On a single charge, you can use the PC for up to 12 hours. Asus Chromebook Flip laptop uses the Intel Core processor and is designed with a USB-C port.

  • Allows tablet orientation
  • Has a tactile keyboard
  • Has middling speakers

5. Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Fingerprint Reader Laptop

71W5ZdS%2BsEL. AC SL1500

This one is budget-friendly yet boasts multiple specifications that will certainly meet your needs and preferences. It has improved performance when compared to its predecessors and better battery life. The tiny speakers are designed to face down and have a clear audio quality. 

This Ultrabook is for students thanks to the battery, the lightweight design, and brand new specifications that offer quality performance and multitasking ability.

Acer Swift 3 has all the makings of a student laptop, without forgetting the unique premium design. It is one of the good laptops for online school that you should consider.

  • Highly portable
  • Versatile
  • Affordable for an Ultrabook
  • Speakers are of average quality.

6. HP Chromebook 14-inch Full HD Laptop

91XR%2B02AJBL. AC SL1500

If you want a laptop that will suit your budget realm, this one will do you good. It has decent performance and hence a fantastic option for college students. It is the best option for quick browsing, checking your mails, and carrying out offline assignments. 

It has a 14-inch display that is bright enough to offer clear graphics. The PC weighs 3.74 pounds, and this extra weight makes its screen slightly larger. When placed in the laptop slot of your backpack, the machine does not feel heavy. 

The HP Chromebook comes with a beautiful keyboard and trackpad. Even though it is not as powerful as the other Chromebooks, it perfectly suits students’ needs by striking a balance between portability, performance, and screen space. The low price tag also makes it very affordable.

The HP Chromebook has multiple inputs; the left side is designed with an HDMI-out port, a headphone jack, a security lock slot, a MicroSD card slot, and a USB 3.0 port. The right side is designed with two other USB ports and the power connector.

  • Excellent keyboard
  • Responsive Chrome
  • Average battery life

Best Laptop for Online Learning  

The best laptop for students has an active internet connection and handles the student’s workload while featuring a reliable battery life.

It should have excellent performance, be portable, and long-lasting battery life. With these in mind, you will find an easy time figuring the best laptop to buy for your online class.

From the list above, you can choose the laptop that has most of these features. This way, you will get yourself a degree and many other certifications through online learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of computer do I need for online classes?

For your online classes, you will need a best-in-class performing laptop that has multitasking and portability compatibilities.

For this reason, you need to be knowledgeable about the recommended system requirements of a suitable online schooling laptop. 

It would help if you had a computer with an Intel Core i7 CPU, a 16 GB RAM, a 256GBGB SSD, a 15-inch Full HD IPS display, battery of up to 10 hours, and a GPU Dedicated Graphics Card with a minimum of 2G. A laptop with the mentioned specifications is considered to be the best laptop for online students.

What’s the best laptop for school?

The best laptop for your needs will depend on the online course that you are pursuing.

1- If you love traveling and can concentrate on your online class amid the noises around, go for a lightweight laptop that is easily portable. 

2- If your routine is regularly fair and you prefer studying without any slight distractions, go for a laptop that has a better sound quality. 

3- If you will have more content creation and online film editing, a MacBook Pro is what will be suitable for your needs.

4- If you want a high-performing machine because you are into machine learning and software development or gaming, go for a laptop that has a high-end RAM+CPU+GPU. 

5- If you are learning business studies, medical studies, or humanities, you will be fine with a laptop that multitasks and performs well.

What Online Colleges Give you a Laptop?

Enrolling into an online computer class is an excellent way of furthering your education and profession. This current generation has inclined more on online schooling than in the past decades. This civilization has led to the need for every student to have a laptop. 

Online computer schools have plenty of digitally exhaustive curricula, including creating projects, internet research, and many more. Colleges understand that the only way to have active online learning is by owning a laptop. For this reason, many colleges give learners a computer. 

The statistics of Digital Trends show that, on average, a new laptop for online learning is costed at around $600 with popular models priced twice this amount. Many of these recognized colleges take the financial burden off students and provide each student with the laptop for online college classes. 

Some colleges incorporate the costs into the online tuition fees, allowing the online students to have complete ownership of the device even after graduation. On the other hand, other schools lease the laptops to students and take them back when they graduate or leave school. 

You can search online and see an alphabetic list of the top-ranked and best-accredited colleges that give free best laptops for online school to students. This way, you will get to choose the online college that you love most and enroll in its online computer classes. Do not let finances hinder you from pursuing your online course and advancing your career.

Can you take computer classes online? 

With technology becoming prevalent in most workplaces, it is beneficial to be knowledgeable in both hardware and software computer skills. This is why you need to take computer classes. Here is the good news; rather than attending the classes physically, you can enroll online and complete your course work successfully, especially if you have one of the best laptops for online students. 

Whether you want to polish and perfect your computer knowledge or are a newbie in computer skills, you can take computer classes online. These online classes come with a variety of programs and courses to choose from, and you will pick the program that suits your schedule.  
Generally, online classes tend to be more affordable than traditional options. They also offer a more comfortable environment; you will escape the headaches that come from commuting to class. You can take your computer classes online and enjoy the convenience and flexibility that they come with. 

These classes give you sufficient time to balance your studies and other commitments. In summary, you can take your computer classes online and advance your career without the hassle of commuting to class. As long as you have one of the best laptops for online students, you are good to go!

Best Laptops for Online Schooling – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are loyal to Mac, a Windows 10 fan, or willing to try out something new, there are factors that you ought to consider before you purchase your next laptop for an online school. There is more than just knowing the operating system. 

You need to know the computer’s technical information before you get too excited about the sleek design. There is a wide selection of pc, each designed to meet specific needs, and you can, therefore, find the best model for you. Below are some of the critical factors that laptops for online school should have. 

  • Excellent Graphics

The graphics of a computer determine whether the images displayed on the screen are quality or otherwise. Excellent graphics render clear pictures on your monitor. 

Therefore, this means that the better the graphics card, the better and smoother images will be produced on your PC.

Most online schooling laptops have their graphics chip integrated on the motherboard. You cannot upgrade the graphics of a computer. Therefore, ensure that you purchase one that has excellent graphics.

  • Audio Quality

Laptops are designed with in-built speakers to offer better sound quality. As an online student, you will be involved in lots of online communication, such as podcasts and webinars.

Purchase one that has quality speakers. This way, you will have excellent audio quality for your lecture audios. Alternatively, you can connect bluetooth speakers to your laptop.

  • Memory

The memory of an online schooling laptop is a critical factor. It determines how your PC will store information and give access to the stored data.

Essentially, a computer with a larger RAM has a better capacity to store more information, and you should, therefore, buy one that has a high-end Random Access Memory (RAM).

The PC should have a minimum of 2 GB memory. It should have the possibility to store extensive data without affecting the quality performance of your PC. Additionally, this one should be large enough to support large workloads seamlessly.

  • Display

The display of a laptop is another essential aspect that many buyers overlook. The display involves clarity, the brightness level, clarity, crispness level, and the aspect ratio. It should neither be too dull to strain the student from watching the online sessions nor too bright to hurt the eyes during the online study sessions.

  • Storage

While still striking a balance between battery life and performance, you should always go for a laptop with expandable storage availability. Since online classes entail learning via laptops, you need one that has sufficient storage space for all your videos, programs, documents, and many other essential things.

  • Ports

Ports may become a confounding factor because of their complicated terminologies. When you are out for a purchase, focus on the USB ports that you will need for your schooling work. 

Older PCs are designed with USB-A ports, which are suitable for essential media transfer. The newer laptops, on the other hand, are designed with the USB-C ports. These new ones are more advanced since they can transfer high-quality videos, power up other devices, and transfer large-sized media. 

Both USB-C and USB-A ports and their cables can only be compatible with their specific adapters. If you will be connecting your laptop to another screen, buy a computer with suitable connections for that monitor like DisplayPort, USB-C, or HDMI.

  • Touchscreen Support

A few decades ago, having a touchscreen laptop was only possible for high-end PCS. The rapid technological advancement has made a great effort in creating an enjoyable experience. If your budget allows, you can go for a touchscreen laptop to make learning a pleasant experience. 

  • Screen Quality 

You will probably be spending long hours on your laptop screen. With this, you want to ensure that you get a laptop with a comfortable screen to use. 

Glossy screens may have sharp reflections that may have a negative impact when you are watching content or editing video content or images. The best laptop for online classes should have a superior screen quality that allows you to use it for long hours without adverse effects on your eyes.

  • Monitor Size 

Get a laptop whose screen size is at least 17 inches. PCs that have more than a 19-inch screen may be too large for your desk. Most laptops are designed with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor in the current market. 

  • Wireless Connectivity

The laptop for online school comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Find out if the device you want to purchase can connect to the internet. The connectivity will help you use the laptop, whether you are at the hostels, coffee shops, local library, or even the airport. 

  • Operating System

The Operating System of your laptop determines your gear’s memory and how your personal information will be stored. Be sure to buy a laptop that has a powerful operating system.

  • Price

You do not want to empty your bank account with only one swipe, do you? You also want a laptop that will be worth every coin spent from your budgeted pockets, right? You will be lucky enough to get a reliable laptop that costs below $500. 

Most laptops are in between $500-$1500. These come with an abundance of excellent features that will be useful for your homework assignments, managing videos, and photo editing and viewing. At the $500 range, you will perform basic tasks like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and any other advanced work. 

Purchasing the best laptops for online schooling is not always about bargaining. Even though the budget of college students is often minimal, they still need a computer that passes some tests other than affordability. You can get laptops under $500, but adding a few coins for some extra features guarantees you better features.


You are about to enroll in online computer skills, and you want to ensure that you have the best laptop. Like any other purchase, you want to be sure that you are making the most of your decision. In particular, performance, durability, and mobility should be among your top priorities when looking for the best laptops for online students. Also make sure to check out our recommendation for AutoCAD laptops as well as recommendations for computer science students.