10+ Best Laptops for Engineering Students To Buy in 2021

Finding a great laptop as an engineering student can be a tough task. Right? During my undergraduate engineering studies, I had to hop between various laptops hoping to find a suitable laptop for my studies.


An average fancy-looking laptop seemed a great deal until I realized that engineering requires a powerful and flexible laptop that can handle all the engineering assignments.

3 Best Laptop for Engineering Students





81DXHUsoRwL. AC SL1500

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo

Best Overall

71HaIH7W5gL. AC SL1322

 Acer Aspire E 15

Best Value For Money

61B2H1 n82L. AC SL1000

Lenovo 15.6 ThinkPad E580

Best Battery Life

Powerful applications such as Alibre, Catia, Matlab, ChemCad, Civil 3D require a high quality and speedy laptop. The University of Dever provides some general specifications.

I recommend the following system specifications in case you want your engineering class to work for you. (Note: You will find a detailed explanation of the specifications for each product in the write-up)

  • The minimum laptop should be the latest generation and above possibly core i5 and above
  • Should come with 256gb SSD (storage device that store data)
  • The minimum RAM should be 8gb RAM for light engineering tasks
  • Minimum storage of 256Gb ssd
  • 13-inch to 15.6-inch display
  • Higher battery life not below 5 hours
  • Strong GPUs

From my experience, I can tell the challenges engineering students like you face when narrowing down their choices for the best laptops.

Therefore, I have made things easier for you with the following list of the 10 best laptops for engineering students. Let us find out what each model can do for you.

Best Laptops Engineering Students in 2021

Here’s our list of the 10 best laptops available for engineering students like you.

1. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 : Best Overall

91DVXGw7E8L. AC SL1500

Asus is a leading manufacturer of the latest tech products in the USA. I have come across quality products like notebooks, netbooks, motherboards, dedicated graphics cards, and laptops from Asus. This is why the Asus ZenBook is one of the best laptops for engineering students.

This is a highly functional laptop that offers a multitasking experience using the dual-screen function. It has a 4-inch 4K matte touchscreen that makes it possible to extend or split windows and apps on the displays. Furthermore, the 4K UHD NanoEdge touchscreen makes the entire display look glossy, creating a good mood for working.

The touch screen is super sensitive and even responds to fast touches. Luckily, the manufacturer included the aluminum-made ASUS Pen for natural writing. This means no more bulky notebooks and other writing materials just like the best laptop for 3d modeling and rendering 2021.


Something unique I found with this laptop is the processing power. Unlike the standard types with low processing features, this one comes with the latest 9th generation Intel Core i9-9980HK Octa-Core Processor for incredible speeds which is found in these best 2 in 1 laptops under 800. Besides, it has 32GB of RAM and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU.

For an engineering student, this laptop not only supports applications like CAD but also allows gaming, which relaxed the mind of a college student. Here are some more Best Laptops for College Students Under 500$

About storage, the laptop has an internal storage of 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD. This is capable of storing all your engineering data at fast speeds hence no need for external hard drives. The slim design is also an advantage as it is also lightweight for easy portability unlike these laptops with upgradeable gpu that are not that portable.

When it comes to durability, I was excited about the aluminium construction, meaning my notebook is here to serve me for ages. Moreover, the build ensures the laptop is easy to use and even clean just like this best laptop for cad 2021.

The laptop supports Windows 10 pro operating system, allowing easy installation of the latest engineering features and updates. Above that, the built-in IR camera is sensational. I liked how it instantly recognizes my face during login. This is a security feature I found compelling, especially when protecting your work from access.

Unlike any other laptop for engineering students that lie flat on your table, this one has an exclusive ErgoLift design. I noticed an improvement in my typing position, which led to an overall improvement in the time for competing for my tasks. Besides, the design also promotes a cooling system and improves the way your audio quality.

Lastly, the connectivity on this Asus ZenBook was epic. This simplified data transfer to and from the laptop. It supports HDMI, USB Type C with Thunderbolt, Gig+ Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). There is also an audio jack on the right side.

81DXHUsoRwL. AC SL1500

Based on the features available on this laptop, it might suit you if you are dealing with a complex engineering course that requires a powerful and reliable laptop. As much as this laptop was a hit and worked as I wanted, I still found it costly. So, you can also check out these kali linux pentesting laptops.

  • The dual-screen for multitasking
  • The 4K matte touchscreen
  • The glossy main display
  • The widescreen
  • The Latest 9th generation Intel Core i9-9980HK Octa-Core Processor
  • The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 to support the installation of apps
  • The ASUS active stylus pen
  • 1TB Memory and 32GB RAM
  • Built-in IR camera for easy ace recognition
  • ErgoLift design for improved positioning
  • Many ports for secondary connection including HDMI and USB ports
  • The laptop battery runs for four hours which I found unreliable
  • The laptop based on the pricing is costly, and for an engineering student, this might mean you break the bank.
  • The glossy nature makes it more of a fashionable thing for a serious course like engineering
  • The hard drive is not upgradable
  • You cannot charge the laptop using a USB
  • Configuring the screens is another course and might be a challenge to new uses

2. Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop : Budget Pick

71HaIH7W5gL. AC SL1322

Without a doubt, this might be an affordable laptop an engineering student can buy and still get the best outcomes. Acer Aspire is a common name, and the laptops are all over the market. While testing a few laptops for engineering students, we found Acer Aspire E 15 with features to support your studies.

Three things that put this laptop above the competitors include strong performance, inexpensive, and excellent battery life. The laptop is also lightweight and features a plastic construction. Even though I found plastic not durable, I still like the high-quality plastic used when crafting this laptop.

It is quite light, which makes it easy to carry around. On the thickness, the laptop measures 1.2-inch, which I found suitable. However, if you are a person who loves thin Acer aspire laptops, then this thickness might be a hindrance.

711XyKNjr6L. AC SL1331

The keyboard is comfortable to use as the keys are well spaced. You will require minimal force to get the words out of the keys, which means a less tiring keyboard to use. Luckily, the laptop supports the screen keyboard. It’s possible to insert your gestures, and the system will respond accordingly.

The full HD widescreen LED-lit IPS Display made it easy for me to zoom in and out while trying to ensure my drawing work was reliable. Besides, the images were clear on the screen even though they were not as vibrant as the ones in laptops on a higher category.

Other than the screen size, the Intel core i5-8250U processor is outstanding. When combined with the 8GB Dual Channel RAM & 256GB SSD, you get the best speed both for SSD storage and responses to commands. As an engineering student or someone who is looking for the Best Laptops for Computer Science, lag is the last thing you want to experience. Thanks to the manufacturer for the 8GB RAM.

Additionally, this laptop for engineering students excels well in your graphic tasks. The Acer Aspire has the Nvidia RTX MX150 graphics card that works well on the operating system Windows 10 Pro Home. Therefore, it supports videos and games.

After a long day of use, I wanted to refresh my memory with a few soundtracks. The laptop came in handy since it features excellent speakers loud enough to produce the sound you need. Besides, gaming is also possible since the laptop has a 2GB of discrete video memory similar to these laptops under 300 for gaming.

71537wJ7U4L. AC SL1341

Importantly, this laptop battery lasted for 15 hours, which is way above the best performing laptop ability to hold power. It is actually better than many gaming laptops under 300$. I would confidently recommend it to an engineering student who might be interested in a reliable laptop.

Lastly, the additional connectors worked well. They include the HDMI port, a VGA port, an Ethernet jack, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, and two USB 2.0 ports and an SD card. All these make it possible to transfer files to and from one of the best laptops for engineering students.

  • The latest 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U Processor
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • Nvidia GeForce MX150
  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 8 GB RAM which can be upgraded to 16
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • The display isn’t that super HD
  • The plastic material used in its construction
  • Thick when compared to other types
  • It runs hot when you surpass the Intel CPUs limit of 100 C

3. Lenovo 15.6 ThinkPad E580 : #3 Pick

61B2H1 n82L. AC SL1000

In the History of Lenovo, I have been vigilant never to miss any series that comes out. I wouldn’t say that I am an ardent fan of Lenovo, but the special Lenovo ThinkPad E580 got me thinking and rethinking about this brand.

Even though the laptop doesn’t have hundreds of specs to support massive functions, it seems like it was designed specifically for engineers since there are additional specs that allow the use of CAD software. This is where engineers meet with Lenovo.

This laptop is a speed machine and boasts of Intel 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550U Quad-Core processor, plus 4.0 GHz speed and 8MB cache. I found it to work well through heavy apps. Above that, the best laptop for engineering offers you 512GB SATA SSD, where you can store data and still have plenty of space remaining.

61ib8SwH5HL. AC SL1000

Additionally, the 16 GB ram ensures that everything running on this laptop for engineering students works at the best speeds. As an engineer, I hate lagging, and this offered me the best solution. Even so, I can complete my tasks on time.

What’s outstanding is I could view my images in Full HD, allowing me to adjust them in whichever angle. This plus the built-in 720p HD webcam improves the communication when working on the laptop similar to these best chromebook under 200.

You can still play a game or work on other graphics card since the laptop supports Integrated Intel UHD Graphics card 620. I found this important for relaxation after a tiring class instead of taking a nap.

Finally, this laptop comes with the needed connectivity ports allowing you to transfer and use data limitlessly. This is a laptop every engineering student yearns to have since it is durable, yet affordable, making it one of the best laptops for engineering student.

  • 16 GB RAM for excellent speeds
  • Cost-effective yet functional
  • Built-in webcam for easy communication
  • The 512GB SATA SSD for storage
  • Additional connectivity ports
  • Long battery life to take you through the day
  • It has fewer specs when compared to the competitors
  • Sometimes the touchpad runs slowly

4. Razer Blade 15 Laptop : Versatile Choice

81%2Bl7hSFLYL. AC SL1500

The Razor Blade 15 displayed the striking looks I couldn’t resist. Besides, the powerful machine looks simple, and that’s what electrical engineering students prefer. The moment I lifted it, I couldn’t believe the lightweight nature of this laptop. With just 4.6 pounds of weight, this laptop assures you of easy portability.

When it came to content creation, I couldn’t get enough of the edge to edge perfect display. In fact, the factory calibrated matte screen features 144Hz refresh. This offers stunning visuals hence an excellent best laptop for engineering if you want to create content or even use it for gaming.

I like this laptop, and that’s why I call it a “big machine” not for the size but what it offers. Well, in terms of the processor, the laptop runs on the latest 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H 6 core processor (w/2.6GHz/4.5GHz) with 16 GB Ram. For engineers, this is a decent speed to run through multiple tasks on your laptop.

71i8HOqNvTL. AC SL1500

Other than the best processor, I was impressed with the graphics card. I was yet to find a laptop with the best graphics card to support my engineering applications and even provide a platform to play games. It features NVIDIA GeForce 2060 RTX GPU. This could be the best graphics card specifications available for such a reliable machine. Moreover, there is an external GPU closure for additional graphics.

The display is on another level. Razer Blade comes with an FHD 15” screen where you can operate multiple tasks. Plus, the display has customizable RGB (Red, Blue, and Green) lights. They feature 16.8 million colors, and you can juggle between various preset profiles. This supports the HD operation and also presents an attractive display to use for your projects that require an HD system.

I found this machine durable. The excellent quality aluminum casing used for its construction makes the laptop a true zero compromise powerhouse. Moreover, the keyboard features thin bezels giving the laptop an attractive look.

This laptop for engineering students also comes with 512GB SSD storage, which was enough for my SSD storage. However, if you find this insufficient, worry no more as the manufacturer provides an extra 2.5-inch slot where you can fit another hard drive.

Additional connectors are allowed since the laptop features 3 USB ports. Therefore, plug in your devices to enhance a desktop experience. Besides, the laptop features a high-security biometric system. This works with the integrated webcam and IR sensor. Plus, you can use the Windows Hello instant facial unlock.

Finally, the laptop takes you through 6 hours with an excellent quality battery life. Be sure to complete your tasks before another charge. Also, take advantage of the 12 months warranty and buy the laptop confidently.

  • Inexpensive considering the features available
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Has biometric security system
  • Comes with 12 months warranty
  • The keyboard is a bit complicated with additional keys
  • If used for heavy gaming, it runs hot
  • Despite the best features, some users find it costly
91WgL3IbNIL. AC SL1500

Another powerhouse is here for engineering students. Certainly, it is like Dell had the engineers in mind before crafting this laptop. I found the overall features suitable for the most demanding tasks from the engineering courses. Despite the best features on this laptop, I was surprised by the inexpensive nature of the laptop. Well, let’s see what it has to offer.

First, the Dell XPS 15. 6″ 4K UHD screen is on another level. As an engineer, I don’t entertain minimal screen display, and that’s why the 15 inches worked marvelously. Above that, the 4K UHD is all I wanted for a clear display and authentic experience with my graphics. I rank this laptop as a powerful workstation since it supports multimedia and gaming as well.

The level of the processor was above my expectations. The laptop runs on the latest 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H, processor, and a 12mb cache. Besides, you have up to 4.5GHz clock speed. This equips your machine with the fastest speeds to process everything you run on the laptop. I know you hate lag, and this could be a suitable laptop to make life bearable.

Running Autodesk apps and CAD on this gaming laptop machine is smooth. Applications such as Matlab, Excel, ChemCad, and programming apps come in handy when handling engineering tasks. Luckily, they run smoothly on this laptop, thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card.

Other than the Dell XPS 16 RAM size, this best laptop for engineering also features a SSD storage capacity of 256GB ssd. Even though this might be on the lower side, it still meets the SSD storage requirements for your documents. Luckily, you can still expand the storage to suit your requirements.

Portability is vital, and always my urgency when buying a laptop. I’m glad this laptop weighs 4.5 pounds, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry with you. Besides, the sleek laptop features high-quality construction, which means the machine will serve you for ages.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, engineers go for perfect laptops. This one runs on killer wireless with advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology and speeds of up to 2.4 Gbps. This is 3 times faster than the former generations, like the 80MHz 2×2 AC products. The wireless connectivity detects fast to enhance smooth online experiences on windows.

I would be happy if this powerful machine’s battery life took me beyond six hours; unfortunately, it was able to do 6 hours on a fully charged battery. This is disappointing, but hopefully, the future generation will have an improved battery life run time.

Lastly, the Dell XPS 15 7590 gaming laptop is a 64-bit model and hence supports most of the required programs. Besides, it runs on Windows 10 Home. Get this stunning windows laptop wherever you go and leave your fellow engineering students admiring the breathtaking details.

  • Comes from quality materials construction
  • Fantastic display on 4k resolution
  • Wide 15.6-inch screen size
  • Storage memory upgradable
  • Enough ports for external use
  • Powerful GPU for supporting graphics card
  • The 6 hours battery life run time
  • Doesn’t support gaming

6. Acer Predator Helios 300 

71b19KDm3NL. AC SL1500

This is a multi-use best laptops for engineering that I found suitable for engineering students. Other than the ability to run engineering-oriented applications at greater speeds, this laptop also supports gaming. We all need some fun sometimes.

Now, this powerful windows gaming laptop machine runs on the latest 9th Generation Intel Core i7 9750H 6 Core Processor delivering up to 4.5 GHz. It is so reliable that the most demanding tasks can be completed in a few minutes. For instance, your BTech CAD Electrical, SPICE, and LabVIEW tasks are now manageable using this acer predator helios 300 laptop.

Furthermore, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics is on a different level. All the possible engineering software can now install easily and render your laptop for engineering functional. Besides the graphics GTU, the model also has 6GB of dedicated GDDR6 V RAM. Therefore, be ready to run your errands minus delay or inconsistencies with this RAM.


The display is one of its kind. With a screen measuring 15.6 inches, I found it easy to multitask with the computer, unlike the small-sized models. Besides, the screen is a full HD and has an LED-backlit display with 3ms Overdrive Response Time, 144Hz Refresh Rate, 300nit Brightness, and 72 percent NTSC. It is perhaps one of the most sought after specifications by engineering students.

This speedy laptop features a RAM of 16 GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM. It places your computer in the category of the fastest and responsive best laptops on the market. Furthermore, the 256GB ssd PCIe NVMe is adequate to store your data. Likewise, you can still upgrade as the manufacturer has provided you with an extra two slots with one available for storage upgrades like a gaming laptop.

The killer wireless connection is superb. It is super fast and never lags. This is again to engineering students who love effectiveness. I like how the laptop picked the signals in seconds and connected fast. Besides, you get a backlit keyboard so that your functions can still run even in dark lit areas.

When running the most demanding tasks, your acer predator helios 300 is likely to heat up. The good news is that the laptop features a temperature control system that lowers temperature automatically, giving life to your expensive machine.

Equally, the battery life performs well. On a maximum charge, it will run you through 7 hours. This is enough for you to complete tasks and even play some games. When equaling other models, I realized that the battery life is durable and better in terms of run time. Most of the standard models will run for 5-6 hours.

Finally, the connectivity ports are available so that you can add data or remove data from the computer. They allow optimum use and hence gives your small devices a desktop feel.

  • 15.6″ Full HD 144Hz 3ms IPS Display
  • 16 GB RAM for fast speeds
  • Backlit keyboard to use even in dark areas
  • Versatile for BTech and gaming
  • Features NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics
  • The laptop is not RGB like other Acer brands
  • The storage is low

7. Gigabyte AERO 15

51eTChBKn5L. AC SL1000

A gaming laptop that provides solid performance for the engineers is the Gigabyte AERO 15. It comes from quality aluminum with reliable hinges to remain stable during use. I liked how it offers the best services in exchange for money spent.

The small size gaming laptops has a thin design and measures 14 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches. Also, it weighs 4.4 pounds, which makes it a portable one that you can use everywhere you go. I was impressed with the battery life that provides a whole 8.5 hours of use. This might work well for BTech students on a fieldwork activity where there is no power or limited supply.

When you smash the keys on the keyboard, you will be impressed with the speeds at which the keys respond. For instance, the key travel is 1.6mm, which requires a solid 71 grams of pressure. I felt the rugged feel on my fingers as I tried to hit the keys, which made the entire work even enjoyable.

The screen is 15.6 inches wide and provides a 4K OLED display. This, unlike other resolutions, has a sharp and detailed resolution. This is an advantage to engineering students who prefer catchy images with a sense of realness. You can easily use one of these vertical monitors alongside the best laptops for engineering for better productivity.

Still, this model operates on a steadfast processor able to endure even the most demanding tasks. The Intel Core i7-9750h delivers 2.6 GHz-4.5GHz, which makes it possible to run your errands without lag on this Intel core i7.

Apart from the processor, it also features an 8GB DDR4 2666MHz Samsung D RAM module. These are the speeds required for a quick response whenever an action requires a response. Also, this powerhouse has a storage capacity of 256GB, which is sufficient for the storage of data and other engineering programs.

We liked the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti GPU. It is powerful enough to support graphics and even robust engineering software. This is a crucial requirement for the students who like using software often for their engineering work.

This model is an all Intel-powered laptop. The thunderbolt 3, killer Ethernet, and killer WI-FI work correctly on this laptop for engineering. They run speedy and detect signals faster than the standard models. This saves time for a busy engineering student.

Additional connectors include HDMI, Bluetooth connectivity, audio connectivity, and USB ports. The RGB backlit programmable keyboard is also a unique feature on this laptop that allows you to move through various profiles.

Finally, the laptop works on Windows operating system and hence supports most of the Microsoft software. I recommend it to engineering students who are on a budget but still want a reliable laptop for the engineering course.

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GDDR6 6GB
  • Fast wireless connectivity
  • Lightweight and ultra-thin profile
  • High-quality materials
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256GB hard disk was too small for the powerful machine
  • The 8 GB ram is a bit slow for powerful engineering tasks

8. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 

71Dhp5pVChL. AC SL1500

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 might be the world’s lightest and classy engineering laptop. The clean, elegant design is the first feature that I liked on this laptop. Besides, it is made from excellent quality materials hence durable. This is an assured return value for money. What makes it unique, then?

The gaming laptops weighs only 3.4 pounds, and this makes it portable to all your working areas. Besides, it’s a stylish touch screen model that responds even to the slightest finger touch. What I fancy most about the touch laptops is their speed of taking in instructions and responding to your commands. This model works that way and saves time when in use.

If you want an alternative to the touch screen, the manufacturer has a smooth keyboard for you on the laptop. This enables you to type with ease and complete your tasks without exhausting your fingers. The rich color and premium finishes give this an exclusive look, and that is why it remains one of the most sought after engineering laptops on the market.

The 15-inch touchscreen is one of its kind. It is bright enough, emitting up to 380 nits. This is a sure way to use it comfortably even through bright light as it adapts well to the external lighting.

Unlike other laptops with core processors, this one uses the AMD Ryzen 7 Microsoft Surface Edition Processor, which is the latest in the 15-inch best laptops. Consequently, as an engineering student, you will have a powerful machine working for and delivering, as stated.

Additionally, the model also comes with Vega 9 graphics card. This, without doubt, will run all the overpowering BTech tasks that require a remarkable processor. The latest processor, like no other, works to deliver even multiple tasks without sacrificing the laptop’s other functions.

Moreover, it is super speedy and suitable for fast actions in engineering software. Once you key in a function, be sure to get the outcome in seconds. The aid of the 16 GB ram is evident. Tired of lagging laptops? This would be ideal for you in case you miss a speedy laptop.

The battery life was another thing! I charged the laptop to a full charge. I am used to the best laptops that take me through 5, 6, or 7 hours. But this powerful laptop counted to 11 .5 hours. What else can an engineer want if a laptop delivers such a long run time on a single battery charge?

Additional connectors on a laptop for engineering matter a lot when it comes to data transfer. As much as this Microsoft computer has a thin profile, it still managed to have the connectors. These include a USB-C port, a USB 3.1 Type-A port, and an audio jack on the left side. The right side offers a section for charging the laptop.

Can you listen to your favorite tracks from this laptop? If this is a question on your mind, I guess you are trying to figure out where the speakers are, right? Now, just like other laptops, the speakers on this Microsoft Surface 3 are under the keyboard, and you will be surprised at how they produce clear audio and excellent vocals.

If you are looking for a classy and functional laptop, then this could be your deal. It has all the latest features you would want for your BTech course. Once you try it out, let us know how it worked for you.

  • Unique Vega 9 graphics
  • Connecting ports for external devices
  • Clear audio and excellent vocals
  • Elegant design therefore attractive and unique
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It is costly
  • Requires extra care when in use

9. NEW Lenovo Legion Y7000 

81fekyDWJ4L. AC SL1500

A beastly Lenovo Legion Y7000 comes with high-end features such that your BTech classes will move to the next level. This one is among the best and most sought after series in the entire Lenovo production. How then does it differentiate from the rest?

Well, Lenovo comes with a brilliant full HD display. The ultra-thin bezel secures the display, which improves the entire laptops’ look. Besides, the model comes from exceptional quality aluminum construction. When you line up quality best laptops, it is rare to miss this Lenovo on the list. For sure, I found it excellent quality for money.

This new Lenovo boasts of an Intel 8th Gen Quad Core i5-8300H processor. This provides the necessary power to run through various activities. During the trial, I noticed a positive change in input and productivity with this system. I could edit photos and move through multiple programs faster than ever, which saves time and delivers results.

Apart from the outstanding processor, the laptop features a 16 GB RAM, 256GB SSD. This explains why it is faster than its competitors. When I keyed in a function, a slight press on ‘enter’ delivered the outcome very fast. It made the entire project easier and enjoyable.

Furthermore, it has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. They are so powerful, and when compared with the previous models, they run 3x better. Therefore, performing demanding tasks using sophisticated software is now easier. As an engineering student, you will save time since this computer performs as expected. It is also another reason to love your course more and more.

The Lenovo Legion Y7000 computer features an internal storage of 256 GB. This is enough if you have fewer items to store. However, you will need to update the storage in case you have plenty of data to keep. Luckily, the hard drive is a removable type hence easy to upgrade.

The slim and weightless design is what creates a massive difference between this model and the competitors in the same bracket. The fact that it weighs only 6 pounds means it’s light. Therefore, carrying this portable computer from one place to the other is much more comfortable and fun.

When handling the powerful BTech software, the machine is likely to heat up. Well, unlike other models with unstable cooling mechanisms, this type features a smart cooling system where it’s thermally optimized to run quietly and cool. Even so, it has dual fans and channels to disperse heat. This is another reason why it stays with you for ages while other computer brands are crashing.

The battery life is good, and that is why it will take you through to 5 hours on a full charge. How I wish it was better to run through 6 or 7 hours. This is the only downside I found with this powerful machine. Hopefully, the future models will have a battery with reasonable run time.

Additionally, it has connectors to help you transfer files to and from your computer. The HDMI, USB Ports, and Bluetooth connectivity works correctly for easy file sharing. Besides, the model has a webcam for easy communication.

Finally, this is a cost-effective one and adaptable for gaming, computing, and business. The engineering students will find it pocket friendly. Buy it and get a 12 months warranty.

  • Intel Core i5 processor thus powerful
  • Lightweight and thin for portability
  • Comes from quality construction to serve you for ages
  • Excellent cooling system to disperse heat
  • The 5 hours battery runtime is insufficient
  • The 256GB SSD storage is a small capacity
  • Cannot support the massive applications

10. Microsoft Surface Book 2 

71eV44FFrgL. AC SL1200

Microsoft offers power books to guide your BTech and related software courses. I came to like the Surface Book 2 because of its simple design and classy appearance. As an engineering student, I wouldn’t mind an average looking laptops for engineering students, but this one was irresistible, thanks to the manufacturer.

It comes loaded with software features suitable for cracking even the hardest BTech tasks using the most advanced power software. When we focus on the processor, it’s evident that the machine is a powerhouse. It runs on the latest 8th generation Quad intel core i7 Processor. This means that the most demanding tasks will now get solved courtesy of the power output of this laptop.

In addition to the processor, this excellent computer features 16 GB RAM. This much RAM offers enough speed to keep the machine working at its best capacity. You will experience no lagging or unnecessary hiccups during your BTech software project with 16GB of RAM.

Once I used this machine, I acknowledged that the best features make learning fun and fast. When it comes to dedicated graphics card performance, this model is incomparable. It runs on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 discrete GPU, and that is why engineers find it suitable for CAD and other sophisticated software. As a student, using this computer guarantees a smooth and timely delivery of software projects.

One feature that I didn’t get enough of is the touchscreen operation. It’s vibrant, and the entire 15” screen makes the whole process faster. It’s a touch-go process, and the screen responsiveness is on another level. This makes the completion of tasks 4x quicker than the standard screen models.

As far as SSD storage is concerned, I was satisfied with the 256 GB ssd capacity even though other users felt it was insufficient for software. Well, with the specs on this power machine, you would expect it to have the highest storage. Luckily, you can expand the memory and store more data.

Apart from the software storage capacity, I found the additional connectors suitable for data transfer. This means that if you have an external drive, then it’s easy to store and exchange data. The availability of USB ports makes the work much faster.

Slim and lightweight is a suitable term to describe this laptop. You will carry it with you wherever you go and complete your projects on time. Luckily, in laptops for engineering students battery has a run time of 10 hours on average. This is the reason why most power engineers prefer it as a result of the reliable power supply to make use of the most RAM.

  • The 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16 GB RAM for fast speeds
  • Unique and slim design hence attractive
  • Lightweight thus portable
  • The storage is small compared to what the laptop offers
  • It’s costly even though functional
  • Delicate due to the touch screen operation.

Final Verdict

So, what makes engineering laptops so unique? Well, there is the dedicated graphics card, processor power, and RAM. It is true that engineering students run intense software on their best laptops for engineering students with decent RAM and SSD and hence the need for high quality and functional machines for software.


We have shared the top 10 Best Laptops for Engineering Students In 2021. This makes your selection even more manageable.

If you have questions about the recommended best laptops or Best Monitors for Eye Strain, we have screen experts ready to guide you through.


Otherwise, buy laptops for engineering students software from the list and tell us how it worked for you as an engineering student.

Updated on 26th December 2020

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