How to Fix Windows 8.1 Update Error code: 0x80240031 on Your Laptop, Ultrabook or Tablet

Published on October 21st, 2013 | by Peter Paul

Windows 8.1 update is now available for all Laptops, Ultrabooks and Tablets that are currently running on Windows 8. Best part is, it’s free for those who already have Windows 8 on their machines. Windows 8.1 have several new improvements and features specially the return on the start button on the taskbar. But a lot of users, including me, are having a hard time of updating to Windows 8.1 on their laptops because of the Error code: 0x80240031 we encounter during the update. I don’t really know the exact cause or reason why we encounter this error, but some say this is because of corrupted system files or corrupted registry entries. Either way, below are some steps on how to fix the Windows 8.1 update error code 0x80240031 on your mobile devices shared by The PC Enthusiast. The methods below may or may not work, just be sure to backup everything before doing anything.


Windows 8.1 Update Error code 0x80240031

Warning: Updating your system to Windows 8.1 may result in data loss even though Microsoft claims that you won’t lose anything while updating. You might need or will need to reinstall all your applications and drivers. So I strongly suggest that before you proceed with the update please back up everything specially your important files; and be sure to have all your application installers and drivers ready in case you need to reinstall them.

Disclaimer: I haven’t personally tried the other steps as it requires more time on my part. Haven’t backup my entire system. The steps and suggestions below are gathered from Microsoft forums and other forums where people shared their own experiences and solutions. The solutions below on how to fix the Windows 8.1 Update Error code: 0x80240031 is not a 100% guarantee that it will work on your computer. Some people claimed that it worked for them, while other says it didn’t. Be sure to back up everything specially your important files and have your application’s installers ready just in case some undesirable thing happens. I won’t be held responsible for any damage or data loss on your part. Do this at your own risk!

how to fix the Error code 0x80240031 while updating to Windows 8.1

How to Fix Windows 8.1 Error code: 0x80240031 while Updating

Before you try to update to Windows 8.1 be sure that you have a stable and fast internet connection. The size of the update is 3.62GB! That’s almost downloading the full version of Windows 8.1. It is also suggested that you download or try to update during off peak hours on your area or country.

Method 1: Using the SFC /SCANNOW Method

1. Press the Windows button + X on your keyboard, a mini dialogue box will appear
2. Choose Command Prompt (Admin). You must run the command prompt in Administrator level
3. On the command prompt type sfc /scannow and hit enter
4. If everything went okay and no errors where found, restart your computer and try updating again
5. If errors where found, try to fix it using DISM.
6. On the same command prompt window type Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
7. After the repair is complete, restart your computer and try updating now.

Note: I have done this process but another error came out while I was executing DISM.

Method 2: Try Automatic Repair

1. Go to search or hit Windows button + Q
2. From the search click “Settings” found on the right side and type Advanced Startup Options and hit enter
3. This will open the PC Settings in General category. Scroll down and look for “Advanced Startup” and click Restart Now
4. Click Troubleshoot and then click Advanced options, then finally hit Automatic Repair

Method 3: Do A Refresh

1. The steps here are similar to the method 2 since they are found on the same menu/settings. Go to search or hit Windows button + Q
2. From the search click “Settings” found on the right side and type Advanced Startup Options and hit enter
3. This will open the PC Settings in General category. Scroll down and look for “Refresh your PC without Affecting your Files” and click Get Started when you are ready. From there just follow the instructions. Be sure to back up your files. You might lose data on the process.

Note: I personally have not tried methods 2 and 3 because I haven’t made a backup of my system yet. But I’m going for method 4, and probably method 5 in the future.

Method 4: All Else Fails, Try and Try Again

Okay, you have tried everything and still you can’t update to Windows 8.1 because of the Error code: 0x80240031. I also found out that other users were able to update to Windows 8.1 with patience and perseverance to hit the Try Again button or trying again on a later time. Some users claim that they were finally able to update to Windows 8.1 just by simple trying again and again and again.

Method 5: Don’t Update Now and Just Get the Full Version Here

If you are not in a hurry to update, or you are in a hurry and you don’t want to waste time, and you have some extra $100-$189, I suggest you just get the full version of the Windows 8.1 and do a fresh and clean install later. Both the Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro are available now. Get the Windows 8.1 here and the Pro version here. Both of them come with free shipping.

Why am I suggesting that you get a full version instead? Well imagine this, what if you need to do a fresh installation of windows in the near future? After you have successfully installed Windows 8, you again need to update and download the whole Windows 8.1 again. Chances are you might encounter the same problem again. So to save you of the trouble and your time being wasted, just get the full version instead.

This article first appeared here Windows 8.1 Update Error code: 0×80240031 – How to Fix It?

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11 Responses to How to Fix Windows 8.1 Update Error code: 0x80240031 on Your Laptop, Ultrabook or Tablet

  1. Mohamed Binsheed says:

    I solved the issue with microsoft help , below
    Just Go windows key + R
    type : wsreset.exe
    it will reset your cache
    your done….

    restart the PC or Laptop

    Go to Microsoft Store
    Update again
    your done…

  2. Saadie says:

    Thanks Mohamed, your solution worked.

  3. Michael Johnson says:

    I have the same exact issue. Here is my experience to date:

    Went to the Microsoft Support site and opted for online support. Got a tech who ran some diagnostics, had me re-try the download, and even had me re-install my Windows 8 from scratch.

    Did that, no luck. Had me create a new Microsoft account. Did that. No luck.

    Assigned me a ticket to escalate the problem to Tier 2.

    Here’s where things got interesting.

    Tier 2 tech missed the first 7 callback appointments over 3 days which had me waiting a total of 14 hours for someone to contact me about the issue.

    I called the Microsoft help line and was eventually passed to someone who claimed to be the supervisor of Tier 2 support, by the name of Jan-Michael Nubla who told me that all Tier 2 support agents had gone home for the day and there was no one who could help me. I later learned this was a complete lie – Tier 2 techs are on staff 24 hours a day.

    So if you have this problem, prepare to waste a ton of time, be lied to about callbacks and even direct lies to you face, and still I have no resolution to the problem.

    Microsoft gets a massive “F” for support on this.

  4. Emerson Manfrin says:

    I try all methods 6 times not work .. I remove PCI card Wirelless from my desktop (in moment to restart instalation) … and WORKED. \o/

  5. Alex says:

    Thanks Mohamed IT WORK!

  6. Ravi Sharma says:

    OMG ! Mohamed, thank you so much. I’ve been searching for weeks. Even did a refresh and a complete re-install of windows but nothing seemed to work.
    However, you’re solution worked like a miracle.

  7. Paulo says:

    I’ve tried about 8 times to do the upgrade and I always got error 0x80240031. I’ve tried to solve the problem using many methods I found in the internet, including some of the above. I was using Wi-Fi and my internet connection at home. The problem was solved when I used a fast internet (at work) with the notebook connected with an Ethernet cable. I suspect there was some kind of error that corrupted the files during the download. And maybe that’s why some people recommend that we try to do the upgrade again and again, because at one time we get lucky and no transmission error occurs.

  8. Dan T says:


    It is not the Internet speed, or the last Windows 8 updates or drivers.
    Please do a system back-up (“Create a system image”) before to upgrade to Windows 8.1.

    I tried all the above procedures and it didn’t work.
    I tried now more than 8 times and stopped at 50 %. I even did a factory default restore with no success.

    But it worked twice for me on Dec 2013 and now in Nov 2014 after I did a full system back-up for Windows 8.
    When upgrade 50 % is the download and the rest of 50 % is the install of the upgrade.

    How to “Create a system image” for Windows 8, please see the below link at the middle of the web page

    All the time the system image back-up I created on an external USB drive.


    Dan T

  9. kira says:

    dose Method 3: Do A Refresh gonna remove my apps or not ??

    am not sure so am asking before i do it !!

    i hope u answer …

    • Peter Paul says:

      Hi Kira, Windows Refresh will “remove all installed desktop programs.” Before doing anything, make sure you backup all your data and your files. You will loose them during the process and it will be irreversible. Have you tried downloading the update via the app store (the usually way)? It works for me now, that is after doing a fresh install of Windows 8.

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